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Land Touring Assurance

Our Commitment to Your Health and Safety

Whilst the world may have changed, our commitment to our guests, the guest experience and their health, safety and wellbeing remains our key priority. 
Scenic Group works closely with the Council of Australian Tour Operators (CATO), local, State and Federal governments to ensure our protocols meet and exceed the latest regulatory requirements. In addition we are implementing the newest insights that help us to safeguard the health and safety of our guests and staff, while ensuring a truly wonderful guest experience. 
We continuously update our protocols to safeguard both the health as the experience of our guests. Well in advance of your journey departure, you will be informed about the latest procedures, which may include the following as a minimum guideline: 
Medical Evaluation
Briefings & Screenings
Enhanced Cleaning Commitment
Carefully Selected Local Partners

A safe start to your journey

Medical Evaluation

To ensure all of our guests are safe and well before your journey with us begins, we will require you to complete a pre-departure medical health evaluation.  

A warm & safe welcome


Our Tour Director will host mandatory briefings upon arrival. This brief is designed to ensure every member of our guests and crew are healthy, and also offer an opportunity to allay any concerns or ask any questions you may have about our safety protocols.   

The land journey experience

Enhanced cleaning & safety commitment

Cleaning and disinfecting of all vehicles will occur during and at the end of daily operations. Increased attention must be on high-touch hard surfaces areas such as handrails, seat belts, seat backs, leather seats, arm rests, windowsills, and luggage racks. Alcohol based hand sanitiser will be available at the door/s for all guests when boarding and alighting vehicles. We will also follow all government regulations regarding face masks. We do encourage guests to bring their own face masks to utilise if social distancing is not possible and for your personal travel outside of the scheduled itinerary.

Trusted local partners

Carefully Selected Local Partners

As well as enhancing our health and safety protocols with our crew and on our coaches, we are working closely with our local partners. All our local partners will be compliant with Scenic Health & Safety policies and the relevant government COVID-Safe protocols for the region through which we are travelling. 
We are committed to continually reviewing and updating our protocols and guidelines as new information becomes available, to ensure that our guests can travel safely in the many destinations we operate in. 

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