Antarctica Expeditions

The remote, pristine icescapes of Antarctica offer you countless opportunities to satisfy the explorer within.

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Antarctica Expeditions

Whether you are a keen naturalist, ornithologist, adventurer or curious soul, our luxury Antarctica expeditions will delight.

There is nothing quite as exhilarating as the feeling of walking where no other human has trod, of knowing you are the first to discover a piece of nature’s magic. On board our innovative, world-class discovery yacht the Scenic Eclipse, Antarctica’s vast biodiversity and natural miracles are accessible as never before.

Fitted with Scenic helicopters and a Scenic submarine, as well as a fleet of custom-built Zodiacs, our Antarctica expeditions combine the comforts of world-class luxury with practical, innovative and technologically advanced fittings for you to explore myriad native species and immense beauty the Southern Pole has on offer.

Journey from Argentina, through the rollicking Drake Passage where you will observe whales, dolphins, albatross, penguins and other seabirds, to the Antarctic Peninsula to explore the magnificent endless white glaciers, crystal waters and enormous ice shelves teeming with myriad species.

At Scenic we know for many a trip to Antarctica is a once in a lifetime experience and our Antarctica expeditions are designed for you to make the most of your time in this incredible environment. Averaging two Zodiac excursions a day, our Antarctica expeditions expert Cruise Directors and their Discovery Team will guide you on activities, Zodiac trips, helicopter and submarine excursions and also share their considerable insights into the marine, bird and mammal life you’ll be mingling with.

Our luxury Antarctica expeditions also take you to stunning South Georgia and the Falkland Islands, both abundant in biodiversity and untamed natural beauty thriving all year round.

Choose from our 12 Day Ultimate Antarctica and 21 Day Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falklands Islands itineraries to encounter the spectacle and wonder of Antarctica, with a seasonal tour offering an unforgettable New Year’s Eve experience.

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The difference is Scenic

Delighting both the keen explorer and elegant traveller, Scenic Eclipse brings new meaning to luxury cruising, earning a ‘6-star’ rating.

Technologically advanced, elegantly designed, and equipped with an on board helicopters, submarine, Zodiacs and kayaks, ensconced in the opulence of a first-class hotel, Scenic Eclipse makes discovery on our Antarctica expeditions effortless and pleasurable.

With an Ice Class A (Polar Class 6 in the new classification) enabling navigation through Arctic and Antarctic waters and fitted with internal and external safety features that ensure even the roughest oceans will have minimal impact on guests comfort, there is no better way to experience Antarctica.

Features include a day-spa sanctuary, gym, indoor and outdoor pools, library, theatre, yoga and pilates studio as well as the practical requirements for Antarctic exploring such as an internal mudroom and marine platform providing easy access to Zodiacs and kayaks for shore expeditions.

All-inclusive on board Scenic Eclipse:

  • Luxury Verandah Suites
  • Personalised butler service
  • All dining and beverages – choose from five dining venues ranging from casual fare to fine-dining, and a late night room service menu
  • Replenishing mini-bar
  • Shore excursions and activities with E-bikes, kayaks, Zodiacs
  • Expert on board Discovery Team
  • All tipping, gratuities and porterage
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi internet

Our on board world-class Discovery Team will enrich your Antarctic expedition, delivering you to all the best marine and wildlife action.

Our Antarctica expeditions Discovery Team is an invaluable resource. Made up of geologists, ornithologists and historians, all experts in their fields, and led by two resident Discovery Leaders, our avid Discovery Team will guide your onshore explorations of fascinating Antarctica, taking you to the best vantage points to gaze at the many enchanting species in close proximity, point out geological wonders, and share their impressive knowledge and local insight.

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Destinations and experiences

You’ll be captivated for hours exploring the mysteries of this magnificent region.

Soar high above the gorgeous coastline of the Falkland Islands on the Scenic helicopter, see nesting places for penguins from an aerial perspective and gain a greater understanding of the remoteness and beauty of these islands. Share stories and toast the day’s explorations with a cocktail back on board Scenic Eclipse.

Explore South Georgia’s abundantly bio-diverse delights. Boasting 1,445 marine species in its coastal waters and a staggering 1500 mammal and bird species including 20,000 pairs of chinstrap penguins, 350 pairs of Macaroni penguins, Imperial shags, Southern Giant petrels on shore, as well as 90% of the world’s fur seal population there is much to see and explore.

With your Discovery Team, take a custom-built Zodiac to a remote outpost to watch multitudes of penguins nesting, birthing and playing. In March, preparation for the great migration north is in full swing and a truly exhilarating process to observe.

In Antarctica, while out on a Zodiac or kayak you may find yourself in a whale sanctuary, a rare and wonderful experience, or gazing at the peaceful behaviours of Gentoo penguins.

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