Norwegian Fjord cruises - the lands of the Vikings

There is no landscape on Earth that has conjured up such drama and poetry than the Norwegian Fjords.

The Norwegian Fjords offer up some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, a rich and vibrant cultural history plus a great reverence for the natural wonders and wildlife that abound.

Carved out of glaciers and seawater, there are simply not enough words to describe the awe you’ll feel in their presence on one of our Norwegian Fjords cruises.

On Scenic Eclipse we take you deeper and closer than you thought possible with these incredible journeys into this heavenly region.

Destinations and Experiences



A cultural hub of the Arctic, the city’s historic centre, on the island of Tromsø, is distinguished by its centuries-old wooden houses. A perfect place to hunt for the famed Northern Lights.

Fjord exploration

Dramatic and breathtaking, you’ll never forget your first sight of a Norwegian fjord. Foaming waterfalls, steep precipices, rugged mountains that touch the heavens and verdant pastures, there’s never the same vista twice as we make our way through this incredible location.  It’s no surprise that the Vikings revered these natural wonders.

Reindeer wonders

Scenic Eclipse offers the only luxury cruise itinerary that visits Hammerfest. Norway’s and possibly even the world’s northernmost town, every summer it hosts thousands of visitors of the animal variety.

You haven’t lived until you’ve witnessed a herd of reindeer strut their stuff down the main street of town.

The land of the Vikings

With advanced sea-faring skills, bloody determination and a fair amount of brawn, the Vikings were a dominant force in Northern Europe from the 8th to 11th centuries.

Famed storytellers and clever merchants, their legacy can be found throughout modern Norway.

Excursions and experiences

Opportunities of a lifetime on Scenic’s Norwegian Fjord cruises.

Discovery just got even more exciting thanks to our handcrafted itineraries which are filled to the brim with extraordinary experiences across all our Norwegian Fjord cruises.

Our fleet of 12 custom-made Zodiacs and kayaks are perfect for the many shore excursions you’ll have in and around the fjords as well as our helicopters and submarine which will take you beyond the horizon in terms of what you can see and do.

Our expert Discovery Leaders and their team will make sure you don’t miss a minute of it.

Submarine and helicopters

When you enjoy one of our Norwegian Fjord cruises on Scenic Eclipse we promise to show you more of the Fjords than you can possible imagine.

Thanks to our seven-seat submarine and two seven-seat helicopters, you’ll be able to see parts of this spectacular region that few have seen before.

There’s no limit to where you can go. Breathtaking waterfalls, wild islands and remote and fascinating towns deep are yours to seek out.


Shore excursions

During your time on Scenic Eclipse you’ll explore the network of World Heritage-listed fjords, learn about the rich history of the Vikings and explore many of the unique communities that live in this beautiful and remote part of the world.

Discover the hidden wonders scattered across this landscape and meet the reindeers who roam free in the northern most town of Hammerfest. On our Norwegian Fjord cruises you can even take a helicopter trip and fly high over the stunning Lofoten Islands. Great, craggy islands that touch the sky, picturesque villages and abundant wildlife make this a must-see.


Ultra-luxury experience

You’ll want for nothing on one of our Norwegian Fjord cruises as there is simply no better way to explore the extraordinary fjords than on board the all-inclusive Scenic Eclipse.

Featuring sumptuous verandah suites, equipped with the finest amenities, a range of indoor and outdoor lounge areas, gourmet dining and beverages and a host of activities and experiences to enrich your time on board. It is akin to staying in the world’s best hotels, with the added bonus of the chance to travel to one of the most extraordinary destinations on this planet.

The ultimate ocean cruising experience includes:

  • Six on board dining options
  • Contemporary French Fine Dining – capacity 44
  • Pan-Asian restaurant – capacity 100
  • Italian and steak restaurant – capacity 100
  • Al fresco indoor/outdoor restaurant – capacity 125
  • Ocean Café and Lounge – capacity approx. 40
  • In-room dining and room service
  • Personal service with an almost 1:1 staff to guest ratio
  • Two seven-seat helicopters
  • One seven-seat submarine
  • 12 custom-built Zodiacs
  • e-bikes
  • Kayaks
  • Snorkelling and scuba equipment
  • Internal mud room (change room)
  • Marine platform
  • A remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) with camera
  • Spa sanctuary
  • Indoor/outdoor swimming pool and jacuzzi
  • Gym, yoga and pilates studio
  • 240 seat theatre
  • Library
  • Experienced Scenic Cruise Director
  • Experienced Discovery Team all year round