10 Must pack items for your European river cruise

10 Must pack items for your European river cruise

So you’ve booked your European river cruise and are getting excited about exploring the historic towns of Germany, the vineyards of France or Portugal’s picturesque Douro Valley. The next big question to consider is what do you need to pack?
The length of your cruise and the time of year you visit, will determine what and how much you need to pack and the essentials you shouldn’t forget. One thing to remember about a European river cruise, is that you will be typically stopping at different towns or cities every day. This means that you will spend a fair amount of time off the ship walking and exploring each of the charming towns so comfortable clothing and a good pair of walking shoes is a must.

To help you with your packing, we’ve highlighted some of the key items to bring with you. Here are our top 10 must pack items for your next European river cruise.

  1. Camera, spare battery, memory card
    With plenty of opportunities to take those special and iconic photos, it’s worth investing in a good camera rather than relying on your phone. Don’t forget to pack a spare battery and memory cards so you don’t miss out on that golden photo opportunity. We always love seeing and sharing our guest’s favourite photos, so once you’re home don’t forget to submit your favourite snaps to media@scenic.com.au.

  2. Comfortable clothing
    Comfortable clothing is a must when travelling in Europe to make the most out of your explorations in towns and villages during your shore excursions.

    Layers are good, especially if you travel during spring and autumn as the weather can change throughout the day and become cooler at night. In winter, make sure you bring plenty of warm clothing including hats, gloves, scarves and water-resistant footwear as there can be snow.

    The weather in Europe can change as you cruise through different countries and regions, so you should prepare yourself for all weather conditions and include an umbrella and light raincoat.

    Don’t forget to pack your swimwear and exercise clothes to make the most of the swimming pool on board some of our Europe river ships or to use the equipment in the Fitness Centre. You might also want to wear more active clothing if you plan to use our e-bikes as part of our Scenic Freechoice activities and go cycling through the beautiful countryside. Our guided bike ride along the river from Melk to Dürnstein is very popular and takes in the enchanting villages in the region. 

    There are opportunities to dress up in the evenings during our exclusive Scenic Enrich experiences such as a private concert at Palais Liechtenstein in Vienna. We recommend wearing something smart casual for these occasions such as a dress or shirt and trousers.

    Keep in mind that we do offer a complimentary laundry service on board which includes 1 kilo of laundry per suite per cruise. This will allow you to keep your packing to a minimum, especially if you are on a longer river cruise and want to keep your suitcases as light as possible.

    Our Europe Journey Co-ordinator Mel Bradley provides us with her own insight in what to wear on a European river cruise.

    “A typical day for me was to wake up early for a quick work out in the gym, changing into my swimmers for a refreshing dip in the vitality pool, followed by dressing in my casual gear for my Scenic Freechoice activity. In the evening I would dress smartly for a delicious dinner and finally snuggle up in my pj’s for a peaceful night sleep.”

  3. Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses
    As you will be busy exploring the sights of Europe, we recommend bringing a wide-brimmed hat to protect you from the sun along with sunglasses and sunscreen, especially during the summer months.

  4. Comfortable walking shoes
    Whether you prefer to wear shoes or sandals, make sure you pack comfortable walking shoes. Many towns and cities in Europe have cobblestones, so your footwear choice needs to have good grip to avoid slipping and tripping and good support. This also applies to evening wear, as some of our Scenic Enrich experiences are at historic castles, such as at Marksburg Castle, Germany. 

    If you plan to wear new shoes, be sure to wear them in first to avoid blisters on your first day of sightseeing.

  5. Medication
    Be sure to see your doctor before you depart to ensure you have all your required personal medication. If you do require something then there are plenty of pharmacies throughout Europe and our crew will be able to assist you where necessary; however please bring your script with you.

  6. Passport plus copies
    Remember to bring your passport, travel insurance and visa if required for your river cruise through Europe. We recommend taking a photocopy of all your important documents and storing these separately from your originals.

  7. Local currency
    The majority of countries in Europe use the Euro, but some countries like the UK, Switzerland and Hungary have their own currency. Although everything is included in the price of your European river cruise with Scenic, you may want some additional cash for souvenirs or snacks and drinks when you are on shore, so we recommend you exchange your currency before you travel.

  8. Universal adaptor
    As the plug sockets are different in Europe, make sure you bring a universal adaptor plug to charge all of your electrical appliances.

  9. Backpack
    When you book a European river cruise with Scenic, we will supply you with a complimentary backpack before departure which you can use as hand luggage and for your shore excursions.

  10. Sense of fun and adventure
    The most important thing to bring with you is your sense of fun and adventure. A river cruise through Europe is a wonderful way to meet new people and see new places and for many of our guests, marks the start of new long-lasting friendships. 

5 Other essentials you might want to bring

Besides the essentials listed above, you might also like to consider bringing the following items with you.
  1. Binoculars for admiring the breathtaking scenery as you cruise or from hilltops and castles
  2. Guide books to read up on each of the places you visit, especially if you are staying longer in one city before or after your cruise
  3. Phrasebooks to learn some of the local language and basic greetings
  4. A good book to read on your private balcony or on the Sun Deck
  5. Notebook and pens to keep a diary of your river cruise and collect all of your newfound friends’ contact details to stay in touch

Why cruise with Scenic?

Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours offers 5-star luxury all-inclusive river cruising along the majestic waterways of Europe.

With some of the largest suites on the European rivers, and all-inclusive dining & complimentary beverages all day, every day, your Scenic Space-Ship will be your 5-star floating hotel. Discover the wonders of Europe after the gates have closed to the general public with our exclusive Scenic Enrich experiences, whilst our wide range of Scenic Freechoice activities caters for all interests, whether you love history, culture, food or art.
From timeless towns to iconic landmarks, book your Europe river cruise early to receive the best offers and secure the best cabins.

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