Nov 10, 2014

A Remembrance Day Poem

One of our guests, Ray Jackson, read a poem while visiting the Somme battlefields. The tour director now recites it on each trip.

Why Do You Cry

I stood in a field in a faraway land drawn to the spot but could not understand
What made me stop right next to this grave and what was this strange sad feeling it gave
Though there all alone I really felt a presence of someone and so I just knelt
It seemed I needed to sit in the cold and wait for something to me to be told
Why do you cry the young soldier said and why are you here in the field of the dead
His voice was soft I hardly could hear and when I first looked there was nobody near
He looked like a shadow in his old uniform and it seemed to me he could never be warm
I knew in my mind he could not be real but it seemed his presence would help me to feel
What all people think when they come to see the place where their loved ones lie over the sea
He asked me again and when I replied I said it was for all of mankind that I cried
I cry for the children that were never to be when all of the soldiers came over the sea
I cry for those fathers who all had to stay as their sons went to war in a land far away
I cry for the mothers every last one who watched as the war took their dearly loved son
I cry for the girl who lost her sweetheart as she waved him goodbye when they had to part
I cry for their friend who at home had to be as their mates went to war far over the sea
I cry for the man who lies in this ground not knowing if ever his body was found
I cry for the freedom this hero gave me and I cry that his knowing this never will be
I heard a soft sigh and his voice gently said this is my grave and though I am dead
You have found me and so I know I can rest happy to know we all gave our best
I then saw his eyes fill with tears so I said who do you weep for young soldier now dead
As he faded away like I knew he would do his voice said my son my tears are for you.