Feb 24, 2015

The Second Antarctica Cruise of 2015

An update from one of our Cruise Directors, Sally Austin & Rikus Visscher -

"We crossed the Polar Circle again last night at 5am and headed to Detaille Island for our usual stop."

"Woke up at 6.30am to a beautiful sunny day and sea ice everywhere. Lovely low sunrise, so heaps of shadows. After the island visit, instead of heading north again, Captain thought he would just slip around the corner to a more southern fiord and continue south."


"Standing on the Bridge and the amazing sight was to behold. We were firmly in the sea ice both sides and these huge mountains in front of us with the most perfect blue sky day. The plan was to surprise the guests and lower the actual gang plank onto this huge sea ice slab and disembark."

"But as the minutes ticked by, this sea ice slab then split into three thanks to the ship pushing its way through. Plan B was then launched. Zodiacs lowered and they headed out to another huge slab where they set up the bar!"


"We then went out in two groups to set foot on the sea ice slab and experience champagne on ice, literally! Soooooo much fun as many had not seen snow before and a few fell over but the guests were blown away as I was (Sally Austin Cruise Director)."

"The slab was huge and even a seal on the far end, which the guides had roped off. Again the staff were there with the table cloth and glasses of champagne. We had trouble fitting the smiles into the restaurant tonight. Yeah!"


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