Aug 19, 2015

On top of the world at Machu Picchu

For us Aussie’s to travel such a distance to the other side of the world, and to such soaring heights anywhere in the vicinity of 3000 meters above sea level. We’d be hoping to experience something fairly fabulous. 

Well, that doesn’t even come close to what Machu Picchu is and the experience you’ll have when you visit on your Scenic tour of Peru. In fact, the one thing almost everyone says after a visit to this mystical place is that there are no real words to describe it.

For a start, the story behind the mountain is captivating.

Machu Picchu literally translates to “old mountain” which doesn’t sound all that mystical, but when you learn that it was built by 20,000 men over two hundred years, then you’ll realise it’s far more impressive than any of today’s man made structures.

Tap in to your inner Indiana Jones as you arrive at the site. Actually, I’m not kidding, since Jones’ character was inspired by the explorer who did in fact discover Machu Picchu, American Hiram Bingham, who paid an eight year old boy to lead him there in his search for the Lost City of Gold.


It’s fortunate that you’re touring one of New Seven Wonders Of The World with Scenic, as you’re local guide is guaranteed to be one of the most learned and passionate on the ground. Every stone, archway and terrace tells a story about the Incas who lived and worked at Machu Picchu more than six hundred years ago.

However, it’s the mystery that remains about the site about why these inhabitants suddenly departed, that no guide on earth can answer, since the Incas left no written records of their time.

If you’re like me, it’s the unknown that makes this experience so magical. Sometimes in life, it’s nice not to have all the answers.


The encounters you’re likely to have during your visit to Machu Picchu are with Llamas and Alpaccas that still wander the site and graze on the lawns throughout the day. They almost tiptoe across the stones and have no hesitation in barging tourists out of their way, posing for photographs only when it suits them. Your fellow tourists, however, are almost entirely a different breed!

Regardless of the origins and the cultures, every person who steps foot on this ancient site experiences a sensation of calm. It is said the stones posess an inexplicable power that resonates throughout the mountain. Whether its this or it’s the awe you will experience at the sheer magnitude of the stonework in such an angelic location, the silence, even in a crowd of hundreds, is spectacular.

And for a place with so few answers, there is one conclusion that you will inevitable make… Machu Picchu will steal your heart and you will be planning your return visit before you even leave the mountain.

Written by Rose Jacobs