Nov 6, 2015

Exploring Canada's Beautiful Lakes by Canoe

You probably already know how beautiful Canada’s Rocky Mountains are. But for me, it’s the lakes that really take the cake. And I can tell you, there’s only one thing better than standing in front of these glass-like mirages and that’s getting out there onto the lakes.

It takes all of about two minutes to forget about the level of coordination required to canoe your way across the water before you sit back and allow yourself to glide across the surface and soak in your surroundings. And what extraordinary surroundings they are.

Canada’s lakes are unlike anything I’ve seen at home in Australia. Their beauty is so rare and unique. The water is glacial and crystal clear. And I mean literally! You can see every tiny detail below the surface and with the snowy-peaked mountains surrounding you, you know that you’re truly paddling through melted snow.

Which can also explain the colour of the water. Think of an emerald dipped in coconut water. It’s this faded aqua that is the result of glacial water that has flowed down over limestone and dolomite rocks, you’ll swear the world has been photoshopped!

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the heart of Jasper National Park or gliding across picture-perfect Lake Louise,  the sensation is the same… like a fairytale. And every day is different. The light changes when you least expect it. The clouds roll over and suddenly you’re in a cocoon of beauty. An early morning paddle will bring a light blanket of fog, drifting across the water, as though you’re in the clouds themselves. Even a delicate drizzle reminds you of how exquisite the Canadian wilderness can be, and is ever changing.

If you’re looking for an experience that humbles you and allows you to truly connect with the best Canada has to offer, then grab your paddle and prepare to be wowed.

Written by Rose Jacobs