Apr 11, 2016

5 reasons to travel solo on a river cruise

By Louise Goldsbury - Editor at Cruise Critic Australia

Many people avoid travelling alone as it can feel lonely or awkward in a world full of couples, but a river cruise alleviates those fears. After sailing solo on six river cruises, I can recommend it as the best way to travel on your own. Here are five reasons why.

1. River ships are the perfect size for socialising

All ships on European rivers carry fewer than 200 passengers – not so big that you get lost in the crowd and not so small that you’re bumping into the same people every day. Even the shyest people will easily meet like-minded travellers, including other solos, in the lounge and restaurants.

2. River cruising is the most relaxed way to travel

Imagine sitting on your private balcony, gazing at villages, vineyards, castles and cathedrals, lost in thought, unbothered by anyone. Imagine reading a book on the top deck as the scenery passes by. Imagine joining a small group for a guided walking tour, at no extra charge, to see the sights of Europe. Imagine having your own butler. Welcome to river cruising.

3. No dining alone or awkward bill splitting

One of the greatest things about river cruises is that tables are shared at meal times, so you’ll never eat alone or be ‘the third wheel’ with a couple. You can change tables every day so you get to mingle with everyone, or you can stay put with newfound friends. And with food, wine and beer included, there’s no worrying about who pays or how to split the bill.

4. No shouting drinks at the bar

Not every woman wants a man to buy her a cocktail, and not every man wants to get into a round with a dozen drinkers. All alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages are included on Scenic river cruises, so you order your own drinks at your own pace.

5. No or low single supplement

River cruising is so suited to solos that the single supplement is often waived or reduced. This attracts more people just like you, so you know you won’t be the only single on board.