Jun 1, 2016

Sharing your journey on social media

Thanks to the world of the internet, you can share every moment of your Scenic journey with your family and friends (and us) in an instant. Here are some tips about the best ways to use two of the most popular sites, Facebook and Instagram.



Facebook is the easiest social network for people to share images and stories of their travels online. Scenic has its own dedicated page where we include behind the scenes stories, announce our latest news and more, we’d love you to become part of our online community and share your photos and stories with us.

If you haven’t already friend requested us make sure you do before your next trip with us, you can find us on Facebook using the search option or at facebook.com/ScenicAU

Tag people in your photos

When you tag or name people in your photos they will appear not only on your timeline but also that of your tagged friend or family member. Facebook even uses facial recognition technology to offer suggestions about who to tag. Always remember to check with that friend first to see if they’re ok with being tagged as some people can prefer their anonymity.

Share & win

Throughout 2016, simply share a photo or video on Facebook and/or Instagram of yourself on a Scenic journey (river cruise or tour) experiencing your own wonder moment. Tag the post with the hashtag #scenicwonderlist and tell us where the photo was taken and why it was a personal wonder moment.

The Scenic team will repost and share some of our favourites each month before selecting a monthly winner from June to December who will win a Go Pro camera worth $300.

On 31 December we will select a grand prize winner who will be announced in January 2017. This winner will be awarded a 2017 France River Cruise (flights not included/ river to be announced).

The competition begins on 1 June and runs until 31 December 2016. Good luck and get snapping.


Share your photos with us

Don’t forget that we love to see photos from your Scenic journeys too. Always tag or post to our Scenic Facebook page when you upload your photos so that they appear on our timeline for everyone to enjoy.

There is a Tag option on your status update box when you upload a photo. Simply click on this and enter the name Scenic and select us when we pop up.



Scenic has recently launched our Instagram account and we’d also love you to become part of our community. Instagram is a great way to share your beautiful holiday snaps with the world … and thanks to the range of amazing fi lters available, you’ll never have to worry about bad photos again. Simply download the Instagram app to your smartphone, set up your account following the easy instructions, snap a photo and you’re good to go.

We regularly post images of the beautiful destinations we travel to, plus behind the scenes photos from Getaway and more. To share in the fun, simply follow scenic_au

Tag Scenic on Instagram

Using @ before scenic_au in the comments section of any photo will let us know you have written a comment to us. If you want to get in touch with Scenic then always make sure you add @scenic_au to the comments.


Hashtag it

We’d love to share your holiday snaps with fellow Scenic guests. Across both Facebook and Instagram, hashtags are the fastest and easiest way to tag Scenic and create a discussion topic amongst your friends. So how does it work?

You always need to add a # symbol at the start of your hashtag, then you write the name of a topic straight after without any spaces between the words or numbers e.g. #scenic30 which we are using to celebrate our 30th anniversary this year.

There is no pre-set list of hashtags. Create a brand new hashtag simply by putting the hash before a series of words, and if it hasn't been used before, then you have created a hashtag. You can also post multiple hashtags in the one post.

We have created #scenicwonderlist for you all to share your special Scenic holiday moments, so always remember to use this when you upload a photo.