Jun 6, 2016

Welcome back to Earth

Turn off the mobile, shut down the email and join Sorrel Wilby for a little rest and relaxation in paradise.

City living has become, on so many levels, an all-consuming experience. Every day there’s some new gadget on the market designed to save us time. But how often do we ask the question, ‘Save us time? For what?’

Well, perhaps I can offer an answer. A panacea for the downside of modern living - an unhurried, wholesome holiday in paradise. Destination - Norfolk Island, 29 degrees, South Pacific. The place I very proudly, call home, where lives are still lived between the ebb and flow of the tide.

Life as it should be

For starters, the climate is divine especially in summer, when the air temperature never rises above 28 degrees. The days are long and the water’s warm. You can step off the beach at Emily Bay and in a few lazy strokes find yourself gliding over a picture-perfect reef bursting with colour. Alternatively, you can explore the underwater world from the comfort of a glass bottom boat.

Walks in the wild

On your Scenic Freechoice days you can opt to join in on an exhilarating 4WD tour, a farm and industry tour, a tasting session at the local winery and more. Literature lovers will be delighted to hear Scenic even offer a guided tour of Colleen McCullough’s home.

As you walk through the World Heritage-listed convict ruins, you’ll be moved by stories of great hardship. Yet that side of our history feels so at odds with how Norfolk is today, fun, friendly and free.

The bird life on Norfolk is really a highlight for any nature-loving guest. Look out for the shearwaters and keep your eyes peeled for courting and nesting white terns. Inland, you’ll discover our kingfisher, with its iridescent flash of blue.


Dining out on Norfolk

We don’t import fruit or vegetables, so you’ll be amazed at the selection of seasonal fare. Don’t be alarmed, however, if you hear the local’s calling it ‘fast food.’ They’re just referring to the time it takes the chef to pull the vegies from their own on-site gardens and serve them onto your plate.

Honestly – what could be more wholesome than that?