Sep 23, 2016

City Guide - Fukuoka, Japan

Historic Fukuoka contains some of Japan’s oldest sites such as Shofuku-ji, the oldest Zen Temple in Japan and the sixth century Kushida Shrine located in the ancient section of the city.

Find out more about this intriguing hotspot for 2017 with our handy city guide.


A mix of traditional indoor and outdoor shopping arcades known as shotengai and contemporary mega-malls offer almost anything you can imagine to buy. The largest and most elaborate shopping mall complex is Canal City, featuring over 250 shops, a range of entertainment zones and eateries.

Marinoa City is an outlet by the sea, distinguishable by its large ferris wheel and boardwalk. In Tenjin the underground tunnels of unique boutiques dedicated to high-end fashion, and collectibles wear are a contemporary contrast to the Kawabata shotengai, an old-world arcade.


The luxurious Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk is perfectly located to showcase the splendid ocean views over Hakata Bay. Ease of access to explore the city’s delights is unparalleled, with the beach and harbour a short stroll away and excellent transport links to the shopping, dining and sight-seeing districts.

The spacious, elegant suites offer first-class comfort and style, and you will love toasting the day’s unforgettable explorations in the sleek Lounge Bar with a top-end Sake.


Fukuoka, known locally as Hakata, was once Japan’s best-kept secret. Leisurely stroll or cycle through the exquisite flower fields and cherry blossoms of Uminonkamachi Park taking in the stunning seaside peninsula views.

Explore the elegant Shofukuji Temple, Japan’s first Zen temple constructed in 1195, or breathe in the wonders of the fine beaches with far-reaching views of tori gates, ornate temples and sleek skyscrapers. Take a relaxing daytrip to the historic town Dazaifu and explore the beautiful Zen gardens of the Komyozenji temple, the historically significant Tenmangu Shrine and the National Museum.


A fast-growing gastronomical capital of Japan, traditional and fusion delicacies are plentiful and easy to find. Try the city’s famous Hakata Tonkotsu ramen, a delicious pork bone broth describe by locals as a ‘universe in a bowl’ at any Ichiran restaurant branch, or at Shin Shin for a more traditional experience.

For sophisticated dining, the downtown Tenjin area offers many high-end fusion and Western-influenced gastronomy delights. Try Restaurant Hiramatsu for a special French-Japanese encounter prepared by a Michelin-trained chef. Street stalls known as yatai line the river banks and Showa-dori street, offering authentic Fukuoka cuisine.