Sep 27, 2016

Life on the Fast Track

Streamlined, powerful and swift, luxury train travel is like no other. Immerse yourself in wonder abroad one of these 5-star services through South Africa, Canada and Japan.

Since the early nineteenth century trains have served as a hallmark of industrialisation, used to transport a variety of goods and passengers from all walks of life. This powerful mode of transit has carved itself into history as one of the most important innovations of mankind, with roughly one million kilometres of railway existing around the world today.

Certain operators have recognized the train’s potential as a leisure experience rather than a simple transportation device; the Blue Train in Africa, Rocky Mountaineer in Canada and Shinkansen Bullet in Japan afford travellers the opportunity to enjoy a five-star, ultra-luxury service accommodation on the move. With impeccable service and breathtaking scenery, guests will be enveloped in wonder.


An exciting four day extension to any African Scenic itinerary, the Blue Train is the pinnacle of luxury service in this thrilling part of the world. From Pretoria to Cape Town, guests will be whisked through stunning countryside aboard their 5-star accommodation. Each coach has a butler on call to attend to every need and ensure personalised service to our valued guests.

Passengers have the option to relax in the comfort of their own suite, the beautiful lounge or the panoramic observation cars at the rear of the train. With every meal served from brunch to high tea to formal dinner, guests will want for nothing as they continue on towards Cape Town. Along the way, guests will visit the Open Mine Museum in Kimberley to experience the days of the diamond rush, and have an overnight stay in the Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront.


Inspire your inner adventurer on the Rocky Mountaineer from Jasper or Banff to Vancouver. Majestic peaks rising all around, lakes of pristine liquid glass, abundant wildlife – this part of the world is like no other.

Scenic guests have the opportunity to travel in the GoldLeaf cabin, which includes incredible culinary delights from top-class chefs, an exclusive outdoor vestibule for ultimate viewing opportunities and a number of complimentary services. With an overnight stay in beautiful Kamloops, this is the ultimate itinerary for those who enjoy the finer things in life.


Renowned for its incredible speed and sleek design, the Shinkansen Bullet trains are the only way to travel Japan in style and luxury. Scenic guests will travel in Green Class, the equivalent of first class, aboard these impressive machines. There are a number of different journeys available on these trains, making them the most convenient mode of transportation for speedy travel across the gorgeous Japanese terrain.

Aside from their unbeatable speed, the Bullet trains offer luxury service and deluxe comfort, ensuring that each and every passenger is properly cared for. With stunning views and a number of stops in major cities, Shinkansen is the apex of Japanese luxury travel.

It’s the littlest things that make the biggest impact – these 5-star train operators understand that.