Oct 24, 2016

Walk on the wild side

Discover some of the animal kingdom’s rarest species. Kyra Gardner highlights Scenic’s amazing wildlife experiences through North America.

Make your next holiday wild and wonderful by seeking out some of the best wildlife experiences in the world with Scenic. Here is just a handful of the experiences you could enjoy in 2017.


Grizzly bears

Big, brown and bold, the grizzly bear is the rightful ruler of the northern American wilderness. Though only awake for 5-7 months out of the year, these animals are far from feeble; their claws are the size of human fingers, and they can weigh up to 360 kilograms at 2.5 metres tall.

To observe these impressive animals is to be in awe of their strength and beauty.

There’s no better place to be fascinated by these powerful creatures than Knight Inlet, one of the main inlets of the British Columbia coast and the largest of the major inlets in the southern part of the coast.

Here, visitors can take a floatplane to Glendale Cove and venture up the estuary in search of bears and other wildlife, such as bald eagles. There are a number of ways to see the grizzly bears, including a viewing platform, a Knight Inlet sightseeing cruise and a guided walk through their territory.

See the grizzly bears at Denali National Park on the 35 Day Grand Canada, Alaska and Arctic Circle tour.


A cross between a domestic dog and a wolf, the wolfdog is a commandingly beautiful animal. Wolfdogs have a wide range of appearances and personality traits, and are often difficult to identify on first sight.

Though they share a great deal of similarities with our beloved canine friends, wolfdogs are another breed entirely. Due to their wild nature and unpredictability, many recommend against keeping the animals as pets.

This being said, wolfdogs are unlike any other animal in the world, and well-worth the trip to visit them. Take advantage of the rare opportunity to see these stunning creatures up close at the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary.

As you stroll about this intimate venue, your guide will help you understand the behaviours and traits of wolfdogs, particularly the difference between those with a higher percentage of wolf versus dog.

Visit the wolfdogs of Yamnuska Sanctuary on the 17 Day Winter Wonders tour.

Polar bears

Polar bears are some of the most striking animals on the planet. These endangered creatures are the largest carnivore that lives on land; adult males often weigh between 350 and 540 kilograms.

Though they appear white as snow, their skin is actually black and their fur transparent, their white appearance is due to the reflection of visible light.

Considered the Polar bear capital of the world, there’s no better place to admire these extraordinary animals than Churchill. Visit the Polar Bear Holding Facility at Manitoba Conservation to learn about these magnificent creatures.


The best way to view Polar bears in their natural environment is on board the purpose-built Tundra Buggy, which allows visitors to freely view and photograph the animals.

Here, your naturalist guide will provide insights into the environment you’re entering and the array of wildlife you’re likely to see.

You may even have the chance to observe the behaviour of the bears as they interact with each other. Gaze at protective mothers with their cubs, and males engaging in sparring rituals. Churchill also offers the opportunity to dog sled with a local dog sledding expert Here, learn about dog sledding history within northern Canada before enjoying an exhilarating ride behind a strong team of Siberian Huskies on a custom-built sled.

For the ultimate experience why not add the 9 Day Grizzly and Polar Bear Adventure to your North America journey including a three day stay at Knight Inlet and four days in Churchill.