Nov 25, 2016

Journey to Shangri-La

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. -Lao Tzu, Chinese Philosopher.

China is a country of grand scale, with sweeping rugged landscapes, ancient architecture, and wonderful sights and experiences to enjoy.

It’s immense beauty is undisputed and its culture is deeply rooted in traditions spanning many periods.

There is so much to explore and discover that it can be overwhelming to know where to begin – and where to finish.

We’ve introduced three new luxurious China tours, including two new exciting Destinations so you can tailor your China journey to suit your specific interests and desires.

Our unique Scenic Enrich experiences maximise your precious holiday time by immersing you in this cultural wonderland with special, multisensory cultural activities carefully crafted by our expert team of Journey Directors that are entirely exclusive to the Scenic traveller.


Whether you have 12, 17 or 24 days to indulge, our new Journey to Shangri-la, China Classics and Highlights of China tours will enchant.

Be among the first of our Scenic guests in 2017 to experience the stunning cities of Hangzhou and Suzhou,as well as all the must-see provinces and cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Xian.

In Beijing, we’ve added an awe-inspiring overnight stay in the Wuzhen Hui Boutique Hotel at the newly re-opened Wu Town complex at Simatai, located beneath the Great Wall.

Wu Town is a fascinating reconstruction of an ancient Chinese village filled with traditional village workshops keeping the old industries and arts alive.


Filled with lively bars and restaurants, the town has a lovely energy and an evening cruise along its winding canal gives you a complete view of the illuminated Great Wall on the mountain ridge above.

Having already explored the Great Wall at Mutianyu, this offers another enchanting perspective which you’ll also awake to in the morning.

Our Scenic Sundowners event takes full advantage of this magical sight, offering you a chance to enjoy a drink with your fellow Scenic travellers by the canal before a delicious dinner of traditional Peking duck, overlooking the illuminated Great Wall.

Hangzhou, famously described by Marco Polo as ‘the finest and most splendid city in the world’, is the capital of the Zhejiang province.

The beautiful Six Harmonies Pagoda on its West Lake has been immortalised by poets and artists across the ages. Here you’ll also learn about the Chinese cultural pillars, discover Hangzhou’s Buddhist heritage and explore the Xixi Wetlands by boat.

Let a cruise along the charming Grand Canal transport you to a time past before visiting a traditional silk mill in the ancient water city of Suzhou. Known for its beautiful classical Chinese Gardens such as the Humble Administrators Garden and the Masters of Nets Garden, Suzhou is an exquisite experience.

Our new 12 Day Highlights of China tour is the perfect introduction to the ethereal wonders of China.

Beginning in impressive Shanghai, you’ll visit Suzhou, Hangzhou and Xian before concluding in Beijing.

There, you’ll explore the silk markets, wander through Tiananmen Square, experience Peking Opera or a Kung Fu show and take in the Great Wall.

Your experience of the old village of Wu Town in Beijing is an authentic representation of old-world China.

If you have more time, our 17 Day China Classics tour extends to include a five-day, four-night cruise along the Yangtze River, concluding in Chengdu where you will have the opportunity to hold an endangered panda cub, an Enrich experience exclusive to the Scenic traveller.


In Xian, we further Enrich your journey with a special after-hours viewing of ancient artefacts with drinks and canapes in a private museum, and a special viewing of the impressive Terracotta Warriors sculptures led by a curator.

For total cultural immersion you might like our 24 Day Journey to Shangri-La which includes the luxurious Yangtze Cruise to the magnifi cent ancient destinations of Shangri-la, Lijiang and Kunming.

In Shangri-la, receive Lama Blessing in a Tibetan monastery and enjoy lunch with a Tibetan family in their home, two experiences bound to Enrich your journey.

Whether you spend 24 days travelling to the iconic town of Shangri-La, or choose the new 12 or 17 day tours through impeccable destinations throughout the vast country, with Scenic you’ll discover the earthly paradise of China.

Article by Naomi Livingstone