Dec 29, 2016

Liz Crowley's Top 5 Travel Destinations



From every angle Queenstown takes your breath away. From the lake and the snow-capped mountains there is so much beauty to see there.


New York

The city that doesn’t sleep, where I get to do some of my favourite things – like theatre, shopping and eating.



My home away from home. This little town captures everything that is unique about Italy. It's food , history, shopping and the hospitality of the people is incredible, yet it's small enough to be able to walk everywhere.



There is nothing like visiting Darwin in the Australian winter months. As you step off the plane, you automatically thaw out and can’t help but relax in the laid back lifestyle of this cosmopolitan city that is the gateway to Kakadu.


Kruger National Park

There are no words to explain what its like to see animals that you have only seen on TV or read about in the flesh. For me it is seeing the Zebras and Giraffes.