Dec 13, 2016

Mozambique escape

End your African adventure with the perfect luxury island escape.

While South Africa reigns as the ultimate safari destination, its neighbour Mozambique, is the perfect beachy compliment to your African adventure.

Our new 4 Day Mozambique Escape extension, staying at the Anantara resort on Bazaruto Island, promises the perfect island experience at the end of your holiday.

For more information on this new destination, we asked one of our favourite Tour Directors, Rikus Visser to tell us about his experience on Bazaruto Island.

What makes Mozambique a wondrous experience for our guests?

Mozambique is slowly but surely making its way from off the beaten track into the tourism world, which makes this African experience so much more authentic. As always with most African countries, the people are typically very welcoming and their open smiles are genuine.

What makes this destination unique?

Well, how many friends do you have that can boast they have been to a Mozambique island? It’s an island paradise offering great weather, luxury accommodation, little known coral reefs, excellent seafood, far away from mainstream tourism.

What makes Bazaruto Island so special?

It is the perfect luxury barefoot bliss and relaxation after a safari into Africa. The soft enamel white beach sand oozes through your toes whilst the turquoise water invites you to explore an underwater safari on one of the nearby coral reefs or just to stroll around through the forest and over dunes as if you are the only person in the world.

And if you are lucky, you might even spot a dugong or a whale. All this far away from the maddening crowds on a Robinson Crusoe-esque island straight from an idyllic travel magazine.

What are the top 3 things guests will love about Mozambique?

1. Off the beaten track luxury seclusion in this lush green tropical country where endless white palm fringed beaches meet a warm inviting Indian Ocean.

2. The Portuguese influence in mouth watering dishes. Don’t forget the freshly baked Portuguese buns.

3. Watching picturesque traditional dhow sailing boats lazily passing in the cool breeze with the backdrop of the mainland across the impossibly blue waters, friendly people and spectacular golden sunsets kissing the horizon.

Why is a stay in Mozambique a great extension to your African adventure?

After a number of animal-filled safaris, what better way than to kick back and soak up life, reminiscing your many African experiences and be at peace with body, soul and mind.

Where the only sound is the gentle surf and the clanking of ice in your cocktail whilst being caressed by the sun’s rays streaming through the fan palm leaves outside your beautiful cabin. It is a place where time is meaningless, worries a fleeting distant memory and as always where the beautiful African people will embrace you with their warmth, their humble friendliness and completing an unforgettable African journey that will leave you longing for more for many years to come.