Jan 9, 2017

Top ten cities to visit in 2017


Cape Town, South Africa

The second largest city in South Africa, Cape Town has it all: beaches, mountains, harbours, culture and wine.


Lisbon, Portugal

With its warm Mediterranean climate and white sandy beaches, Lisbon is being hailed as the new Barcelona.


Havana, Cuba

Enchanting and captivating, get in before the rest of the world does and it changes forever.


Charlestown, USA

Recently voted the greatest city in the world, promising warm weather, charming locals and delectable cuisine.


Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Located on the mighty Mekong, Cambodia's capital can be an assault on the senses - but that's the attraction.


Vancouver, Canada

Surrounded by majestic mountains, green forests and sparkling ocean, Vancouver caters to all interests.


Lima, Peru

More than just a stepping stone to Machu Picchu, a cultural melting pot, Lima is known for its gastronomy and historic sites.


Prague, Czech Republic

This charming city creates the scene of an urban fairy tale with its cobblestone laneways and hilltop castles.


Adelaide, Australia

Ranked one of Australia's most liveable cities, Adelaide is celebrated for its food and wine scene.


Moscow, Russia

One of the most breathtaking capitals in the world, Moscow is at the centre of Russia's cultural and historical identity.

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