Feb 3, 2017

Adam Burke's Top 5 Travel Destinations


Hoi An

The feeling of experiencing the Vietnam of old without the recent 20th war influences impacting on the location. Being able to walk around at night and long the riverfront lit up by lanterns without and motorbikes or cars around.


Luang Prabang

This destination sums up Laos and its people - Buddhism, French Colonialism and a meandering Mekong River. This laid back town is perfect for a getaway with cultural influences and just relaxing in a café or bar watching the world go slowly by.



This is old world China amongst the mountain scenery. The small streams with overhanging blossom trees snaking their way through the old town's building and bridges set a classical scene.


Bagan/Siem Reap

Equally, the Temples of Bagan and Angkor respectively. Monumental pieces of history which need to be seen to be believed.



Experience the lives of the old Maharaja's and Indian nobility by staying in palaces and havelis and being treated like royalty. Dine with a tradition BBQ under the stars after riding a camel through the desert. Undertake wildlife safaris to spot tigers and leopards in canters.