Apr 23, 2017

Discover Antarctica

Our Antarctica cruises not only take you to this extraordinary continent, we also cruise to two intriguing archipelagos.

Lands of pristine beauty, breathtaking wildlife and inestimable importance, travelling to the base of the globe is a long-held dream for most people.

This is your chance to explore the final frontier that is Antarctica, to go further and dream bigger and to do it in all-inclusive luxury on board the World’s First Discovery Yachts.

A land of vast white landscapes, mountains that have never felt human footfall and an abundance of wildlife that will quite literally take your breath away.

Wake up icebergs floating past your suite’s verandah and spend your days exploring via Zodiac, kayak, helicopter and submarine*.


Natural wonders

Wondering when is the best time to visit Antarctica? In early December witness the multitude of penguins nesting or in late December you’ll have the chance to experience the rare and precious event of New Year in Antarctica.

In January it’s birthing season for myriad of species, February is a thrilling playground of new life and March is preparation time for the great migration north.

No matter what time you cruise during the season you’ll witness moments of wonder.


South Georgia Island and the Falklands

South Georgia Island is one of the most unique and important bio-diverse environments on earth, the white sandy beaches and dramatic cliffs of the Falklands are a revelation for first-time visitors and both are the perfect addition to your time in Antarctica.

Packed with diverse delights researchers have discovered 1,445 marine species living in South Georgia's coastal waters.

As you spend time exploring the Falkland Islands, you'll have plenty of chances to spot King Penguins on white sandy beaches..



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