May 2, 2017

Another gem on the Seine

Another "gem" of the Seine - Rouen.

What a delightful place.

There really is something for everyone here - for the lovers of art, of history, of architecture, of religion or just those who want to wander about the cobbled streets and enjoy a coffee while people watching.

Rouen has over 800 classified historical buildings and its museum of Fine Arts has collections embracing many impressionist masterpieces along with works by Old Masters such as Rubens and Velasquez.

At 151m the amazing Notre Dame cathedral of Rouen is the tallest in France - a fact I did not know.



If only the stained glass windows that we removed in WW2 to ensure their safety could be refitted! A number have been, but apparently the cost is too great to refit all of them.

But most people will know Rouen because of Joan of Arc, the 19 year old who was burned at the stake by the English in 1431.

Almost 500 years later, in 1920, she was canonised - there is a museum focusing on her life and a modern church which is dedicated to her. Joan of Arc's presence here is palpable.

A special treat for me was having the opportunity to do a touch of hand painting with the artist at Fayencerie Augy where I purchased a piece of ceramic work for which the district is renowned. My hand is definitely not steady enough for such fine work!