May 11, 2017

Discover the Americas

Discover the natural beauty and majestic fjords of the Americas on board Scenic Eclipse.

From the white-sand beaches of Cuba and the Caribbean to the engineering marvel that is the Panama Canal, you’ll fall in love with the vibrancy and natural beauty of Central America.

Discover culturally fascinating cities and explore pristine parks and crystal waters, visiting regions inaccessible to larger cruise ships.

There is no shortage of wonder to discover from the islands of the Caribbean to the magnificent fjords of Chile.

Raise your glass on board and toast to the spectacular scenery as you cruise across the Americas in absolute luxury.


The island that time forgot

Hop inside a well-preserved 1950s car and get to know the true spirit of Cuba. Ideally suited for circumnavigation on Scenic Eclipse there are an incredible amount of experiences to be had along Cuba’s coastline from its World Heritage-listed cities – Havana, Trinidad and Cienfuegos to sites of incredible natural significance.

From lush rainforest regions to sparkling underwater reefs, there’s no limit to what you can discover during your time in Cuba. The crystal clear waters of Cayo Largo promise coral formations and tropical fish and in Maria La Gorda Biosphere meet the prehistoric Cuban Rock Iguana.


Colombia, Panama and Ecuador

From perfectly preserved cities, epic mountain tops and remote islands teeming with birdlife, Colombia, Panama and Ecuador are paradise found. One of life’s greatest experiences is to pass through the Panama Canal and Scenic Eclipse will transit during daylight hours, further heightening the experience.

In Panama explore Darien National Park, only accessible by water on a small ship and explore the jungle on traditional tribal boats. And in Ecuador visit Isle de la Plata, a mini version of the Galápagos Islands, to discover an astonishing collection of bird and marine life including the blue-footed boobie.



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