May 7, 2017

Discover the Arctic and Fjords

Naturally wonderful, land of the midnight sun, icy tundras, Polar bears, whales and walruses, the Arctic is waiting for you.

Cruise to the top of the world and let your soul fly free. Witness the Midnight Sun and endless icy tundras, spot polar bears and walruses.

Explore the network of World Heritage-listed fjords, learn about the rich history of the vikings and explore many unique communities that live in this beautiful and remote part of the world.

Cross the North Sea to the Svalbard Archipelago and reach the top of the world in absolute luxury.

The Arctic consists of the Arctic Ocean and parts of Alaska, Canada, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Russia and Sweden, and you can explore all aspects of this region with Scenic Eclipse.


The domain of the Vikings

Explore the strongholds of the Vikings from the fjords of Norway and the glaciers of Iceland to the wild islands of Scotland.

Visit the beautiful town of Bergen in Norway, Britain’s most northerly cathedral located in Kirkwall and Mousa Broch Scotland’s best surviving Iron Age tower on Shetland Island, each with unique character and a treasure trove of Viking history.


Extraordinary nature

Witness sparkling icebergs, vast icefields and glaciers, sweeping vistas of mountains and the Northern Lights.

Getting out into the big wild is one of the reasons we cruise to the Arctic and with Scenic Eclipse’s discovery elements located on board.

Whether it’s on kayak, Zodiac or submarine*, there will never be a missed opportunity to experience the wonders of the region.


Polar bears, seals, wolverines, whales and more, let the creatures of the north introduce themselves to you. On the Arctic tundra find the Arctic fox, snowy owl and marine mammals including seals, walrus, baleen whales, killer whales and belugas.

In Scotland meet the local Scottish Highland cow with their distinctive shaggy brown coat. Bird spotting is one of the great sports of Iceland and on the east coast of Canada meet the whales of Tadoussac.


2018/19 Polar Voyages

Antarctica, South Georgia, Arctic & Fjords



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