May 12, 2017

Discovering the Mystical Irrawaddy River

This was a wonderfully different tour destination, filled with amazing sights.

We have just returned from our latest unique Scenic adventure, the 14 Day Mystical Irrawaddy tour in Myanmar.

While it’s not a European river cruise, this wonderful developing country can hold its own against any tourist offering from around the globe.

The castles of Europe are replaced with temples, pagodas and Stupas, while the landscapes are a fascinating mix of dry plains, rolling hills and expansive river scapes.

A common feature however between Europe and Myanmar is the luxury cruising, this time on the stunning Scenic Aura.



It is a fantastic vessel with outstanding accommodation, providing all the same great opportunities for a mix of relaxing, brilliant off ship excursions, and great food, all of which ensured that our 10 day voyage was one to fondly remember.

The people of Myanmar are friendly, inquisitive and helpful and love the opportunities that tourism is bringing to their country. They are proud of their heritage and their way of life is beautifully reflected through the Pagodas and Stupas that have spread throughout the country.

Every family aspires to representing their individual heritage through construction of their own monument and respect the beautiful culture of their past through Buddha and his teachings.

But a country cannot live on its monuments alone and the life blood of the country is the great mystical Irrawaddy River which provides for the people in so many different ways.

From transport to crops and produce, the Irrawaddy river showed off its fantastic variety of sights in great detail as we travelled along its wide and sandy shores.

We spent hours on the sundeck taking in the ever-changing landscapes, watching the people busily working their fields, fishing and living along its banks.



The off ship tours catered for different levels of activity, including such adventures as a climbing the 800 steps to the top of Mount Popa to see an amazing Pagoda, and a trek to the equally stunning Hpo Win Daung Caves, carved majestically into the rocky hills near Bagan.

We had opportunity to try out local transport such as Ox and Horse Carts, which provided a more casual, yet equally fascinating experience of life in Myanmar. The market and temple walking tours helped provide us with a closer appreciation of the lifestyle of the local population.

There was something here for everyone and as always Scenic delivered the opportunities seamlessly.

This was a wonderfully different tour destination, filled with amazing sights, yet comfortable and relaxing enough on the Scenic Aura to enjoy everything on offer without the concern of being wearied by the hot and dusty surroundings. If you get the chance you should go.