Jun 30, 2017

Top 10 Rivers

From the flowing rivers in Europe to the bustling waterways of South East Asia here are our top ten rivers.

  1. Seine, France - This river at 777km in length, winds its way along some of the most celebrated sites of Northern France.
  2. Rhône, France - The Rhône, rising in Switzerland and running through south eastern France passes through many local histories and the word’s most refined wine culture.
  3. Garonne, France - The French Garonne flows along the beautiful port city of Bordeaux totalling 602km in length.
  4. Volga, Russia - The tranquil Volga traverses through Russia’s culturally rich and diverse cities.
  5. Douro, Portugal - The Douro is one of the major rivers of the Iberian Peninsula with its total length of 897km flowing through Portugal and Spain.
  6. Moselle, Europe - The beautiful Moselle flows through France, Luxembourg and Germany and showcases some of Europe’s most scenic river cruising panoramas.
  7. Irrawaddy, Myanmar - Flowing north to south from its source high in the Himalayas, the Irrawaddy River is Myanmar’s most important commercial waterway.
  8. Mekong, South East Asia - Running through Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, the Mekong is an intoxicating fusion of colonial grace and captivating landmarks.
  9. Rhine, Europe - Flowing through six countries, this river has served as a link between southern and northern Europe since Roman times. At about 1,230km in length, it is the second-longest river in Central Western Europe.
  10. Danube, Europe - Passing through ten countries, the Danube is Europe’s second largest river. Flowing in a south easterly direction through central and eastern Europe to the Black Sea this river has served as a means of transport and trade since the dawn of history.