Oct 20, 2017

How to Pack for Africa

Rain, hail or shine, here’s what you need to pack for an African adventure


During a safari you will likely encounter a lot of beautiful photo opportunities. We recommend taking a good camera with a zoom lens. Don’t forget to pack spare batteries and memory cards so you can snap to your heart's content.


We suggest wearing comfortable shoes and clothing to avoid pesky biting insects. A long sleeved shirt and long pants are also highly recommended whilst you partake in game drives. These protect you from the sun and insects.


Try and pack all of your normal toiletries, as you might not be able find such items whilst travelling. Hand and face wipes come in handy on tours when you don’t have access to running water.


Waterproof Jacket

The temperatures in Africa can vary greatly. In winter you can be very cold on a morning game drive, but perfectly comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt at midday. The secret is to wear several layers that you can take off or add to as needed, for example a Lightweight Waterproof Jacket.

Pack-down Bag

To help guests experience the real Africa, Scenic provides pack-down bags to all guests taking side-trips in Kenya, Tanzania and Botswana. Packdown bags are specially designed for small planes and 4WD’s that cannot accommodate suitcases. Whilst away, guests' luggage is securely held by our ground operator.

Quick tip from Africa Journey Designer, Liz Crowley

When you travel with Scenic, many of the lodges that you visit will have private concessions. Our game drives usually start from 5 or 6am, so make sure you pack layered clothing options to keep away the morning chill.