Jun 15, 2018

Bears, Bears Everywhere

Enjoy the unique charm of Manitoba’s most northern town Churchill – the Polar Bear Capital of the World – during an immersive six day tour.

You will spend two full days exploring the rugged and desolate tundra in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area on an official Tundra Buggy® in search of the incredible and majestic polar bear.

Venturing out on a set of established trails to minimise the impact on the tundra, the Tundra Buggy® will allow you to move freely, providing plenty of opportunities to photograph these beautiful animals, as you watch them interact with each other.

These areas are the best locations in the Churchill area to experience wildlife in their natural environment. This journey of discovery is led by an Interpretive Guide who will add expert insights along the way.

Also included is an exhilarating dog sledding excursion. Experience dog sledding through the boreal forest hosted by a local resident and dog sledding expert.

You will learn about the history of dog sledding in northern Canada and enjoy an exciting 1.6 kilometre ride on a custom-made sled or cart behind a strong team of sled dogs, before sharing stories and a delicious hot chocolate with your hosts.

Between tours, spend time in Churchill discovering family-owned restaurants, eclectic shops, culturally-significant museums and getting to know the wonderful people that call Canada’s north, home.