Aug 21, 2018

On board art

Introducing you to the spectacular local art featured on our 5-star boutique ship, Scenic Spirit.

Contemporary South East Asian art has begun to establish a real place in the mainstream art scene – with Vietnam being one of the first Asian countries to really do so – and it is known for its vibrant colours and intricate detail.

Scenic has taken this boom in earnest and has curated a stunning visual display of some of the most popular Vietnamese artists of recent times, with a gallery of artworks adorning the walls and hallways of its ship sailing the Mekong River, Scenic Spirit, adding a rich element of colour, life and vibrancy to the interior décor of the ship.

Hand selected, the art collection reflects the landscapes and people of the Mekong and the rich kaleidoscope of colours, culture and traditions that is Vietnam.

Than Trong Dung

Than Trong Dung was born in Da Nang in 1968 and began his painting career after he graduated from Hue Fine Art University in 1992. He paints to express his emotions for his motherland “where has golden sunlight and cool winds in summer, life of poor people in fishing village and the beautiful sense of his home”.

Dominating his canvases is the repetition of plentiful blooming lotus interwoven with enormous leaves, which seemingly evoke a sense of tranquillity and absolute bliss.

On closer inspection, Than Trong Dung’s paintings take viewers on a ride to a fantasy land in which horror vacui – fear of empty spaces - is well practiced.

Than Trong Dung

Nguyen Trung

Nguyen Trung is one of the most influential and prominent artists in Vietnam today. His works can be seen in the Fine Arts Museum in Vietnam, the National Museum of Singapore and in many private collections both in Vietnam and abroad.

He is one of the few Vietnamese artists whose works are sold in international auctions. Trung brought onto his colourful canvas the delicate and elegant image of a young Vietnamese lady.

Even though his subject matter is depicted to have rather stiff body language together with a bold choice of highly pigmented colours, from her exudes not only pure charm, but also mysterious calmness.

Nguyen Trung

Vu Cong Dien

Vu Cong Dien was born in 1975 and graduated from the Hanoi Fine Arts University in 2005. He has only been on the professional scene for a few years yet his works are already in high demand in Europe, Australia, the US and Japan.

Dien brings a fresh approach to his landscapes often using color in unusual combinations. At other times, he uses mono and dichromatic color schemes to achieve a sense of tranquility and peace.

In Vu Cong Dien’s romanticsurrealist landscape paintings, trees and plants are the protagonists. The reason why he only focuses on these subject matters is because the artist is always mesmerised by their beauty and the sentiment they exude.

Vu Cong Dien

Whenever he draws trees and plants, Vu Cong Dien’s soul and mind are taken to a deep ocean with thoughts and philosophy about this life.