Nov 26, 2018

Handcrafted Japan

We invite you to explore spectacular Japan in 2019/2020 with our incredible array of Scenic Enrich and Scenic Freechoice experiences inspired by thousands of years of traditions.

From a private group dinner with a Maiko to partaking in traditional customs and activities such as an origami donation at Hiroshima’s Peace Park, be blessed with a truly immersive understanding of the locals and their fascinating lives.

Here, we highlight a selection of our included Scenic Enrich and Scenic Freechoice activities, which will take you into the beating heart of this ancient land.

Visit the Hida Folk Village, Takayama

In the historic town of Takayama, visit the Hida Folk Village and make your own Sarubobo mascot.

In an interactive cultural experience, make your own ‘monkey baby’, a mascot of the Hida region and a traditional good fortune charm.

Shirakawa-go Japan, near Takayama

Traditional Taiko drums performance, Tokyo

Borrowing on thousands of years of Japanese tradition, the modern style of Taiko drumming is fast becoming famous around the world.

During a private demonstration given by master drummers, enjoy an upbeat performance before having the opportunity to learn the basic rhythm and technique yourself under their tutelage.

Scenic Enrich - Traditional Taiko drums performance, Tokyo

Emotional visit to the Hiroshima Peace Park and Museum, Hiroshima

Learn about the history and story behind the making of origami cranes at Peace Park and the Atomic Museum before creating your own donation at the Orizuru Tower overlooking the Atomic Dome.

Scenic Enrich - Hiroshima Peace Park and Museum

Dinner and interaction with a Maiko, Kyoto

After strolling through the Gion District, tonight’s dinner will allow you to interact with a Maiko who’ll host your meal presentation.

It’s an excellent opportunity to learn about what is involved in becoming a Geisha and the art of Japanese hospitality.

Scenic Enrich - Dinner and interaction with a Maiko, Kyoto

Enjoy a Japanese tea ceremony whilst dressed in a Japanese kimono, Tokyo

Traditionally Japanese men and women wore the kimono, the style of which has changed little since the Edo period.

Still worn on formal occasions and festivals, it is likely you will see both women and men wearing either formal (montsuki) or lightweight summer (yukata) kimono during your tour.

Try wearing a kimono yourself during your Enrich experience in Kyoto.

Scenic Enrich - Japanese Tea Ceremony

Exquisite and authentic Scenic Freehoice dining options

You’ll also enjoy a wide array of dining options through Scenic Freechoice Dining, from an authentic Izakaya Bar dining experience in Tokyo to an Irish pub in Chengdu, or choose to dine in unique locations such as Jaipur’s Amber Fort.

Scenic Freechoice Dining - Izakaya Bar, Tokyo


16 day Treasures of Japan

Fukuoka > Tokyo

From Fukuoka to Tokyo, wander a different path and find those gems hidden away from the regular route commonly followed.

This 16 day journey will allow you to fully experience Japan’s natural and man-made treasures, both old and new.



17 day Essential Japan

Tokyo > Osaka

Journey from Tokyo to Osaka over 17 days and witness the beauty of Japan. See Mount Fuji, learn to make sushi, visit historic Kyoto and Himeji Castle.