River cruising through Europe Anna Gare

A magical fairytale river cruise through Europe

Anna Gare, celebrity chef, travelled to Europe with Scenic in August 2018 and discovered that river cruising is her new favourite way to travel.

“I had never been on a cruise before so had no real expectations, plus I was on this cruise working as a presenter for Getaway so was not really sure what to expect. But, it was amazing. Going to bed at night and waking up in another town, another county – it was quite bizarre! But, a stunning way explore Europe and certainly one that I would love to re-visit with a group of friends.

From the moment we arrived in Budapest, cruising through the city with the whole place lit up – it was like a magical fairy-tale come to life. And from that moment the entire amazing experience just got better and better.

Being a food lover I was keen to see what Europe had to offer – I certainly ate a lot of really good sausage throughout Germany but one of the highlights for me had to be the Hungarian Langos – what I called the love child of a pizza and a donut. It’s gorgeous, so light and cheesy - I mean what’s not to love about deep fried bread with lashings of cheese and sour cream and topped off with paprika! Just heaven.

But, what surprised me most was the superb quality of food on board Scenic Ruby.

The chefs have a real focus on using local ingredients and produce, served with local wines - a real treat as we travelled through the various regions from Hungary through Austria, Germany and onto Amsterdam.

From authentic Italian at Portobello’s to the most divine six course degustation at Table La Rive – the on board dining was faultless. There truly was no need to dine anywhere else, the food was of such an excellent standard.

Which leads me to another highlight - the electronic e-bikes. Apart from being a gorgeous way of seeing the local countryside, it was a must to work off all the food I ate! I elected to do the Scenic Freechoice tour which was a cycle from Dürnstein to Melk. It was so beautiful cycling alongside the river, catching glimpses of the Scenic Ruby as it sailed alongside, seeing a new castle or fairytale village around every corner – it was almost surreal.

This is most definitely not a-once-in-a-lifetime experience because I will definitely be doing it again.