An experienced Scenic Tour Director near the Ghan Train, Australia tours

An experienced Scenic Tour Director makes the difference

On all Scenic handcrafted journeys in Australia, you will be accompanied from start to finish by an expert Tour Director, knowledgeable drivers and passionate local guides. Our Tour Directors are carefully chosen for their unique skills, knowledge and enthusiasm. They are a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and parts of Australia, but they all have one thing in common – a passion and desire to enrich travellers’ experiences, to make every journey with Scenic the trip of a lifetime.  
Why do you need a Tour Director and what value do they add? A trained, enthusiastic and knowledgeable Tour Director is often what makes the difference between a good experience and a great tour, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.  

You won't miss a thing

Scenic Tour Directors must plan all the logistics of our small group tours. With the assistance of your driver, they ensure every element of your tour is perfectly prepared before you depart, so that you get to see everything listed in your itinerary at an enjoyable pace. Your Tour Director has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to local tips in each location you visit, such as where the best coffee is, locations to take a photo, or where you can pick up unique artisan souvenirs. They will also help you to personalise your journey at a pace that suits you with included Scenic Freechoice activities which have been handpicked by Scenic’s Journey Designer. From a Harley-Davidson™ motorcycle ride at Uluru to a cruise on the turquoise waters of Wineglass Bay in Tasmania or a light hike at Cradle Mountain – there is something for everyone in every region you to choose to travel. 
Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

They love what they do

For most, being a Tour Director is not just a job, it’s a lifetime passion. Scenic Tour Directors love nothing more than sharing their experiences and affection for travel. Some of our Tour Directors share what they love most about their role; 
“I love the fact that being a Tour Director is not a job, rather it is a pleasure and a privilege. A pleasure to be able to introduce our guests to some of the most beautiful places in the world. A privilege to meet and engage with some amazing people, who all have a “story” to tell.  To travel to these destinations and witness their reactions is priceless.” 

Sally Austin, Scenic Tour Director for Australia & New Zealand with 19 years’ experience 
Sally Austin, Tour Director

“I love meeting new people and seeing my beautiful island through their eyes. I love sharing the beautiful dining experiences and scenic places with views that just make you stop and be in the moment.” 

Lillian Mann, Scenic Tour Director on Norfolk Island with 10 years’ experience 
Lillian Mann, Tour Director

“What I enjoy about being a Tour Director is being able to share with our guests the amazing places in Australia that many Australians would otherwise never visit - and I always hope that at the end of their experiences they will love the areas as much as I do.” 

Pam Jeffrey, Scenic Tour Director for Australia & New Zealand with 8 years’ experience 
Pam Jeffrey, Tour Director

“I love visiting and sharing this incredible planet with Scenic guests." 

John “Moose” Meikle, Scenic Tour Director for Tasmania with 29 years’ experience 
John Miekle, Tour Director

The crucial ingredient for seamless travel 

You will benefit from having a highly experienced traveller along each route by your side every day. From efficiently checking you into your accommodation, to ensuring our guests personal requirements are taken care of, your Tour Director’s role is to make sure the journey is exceeds your expectations. Our Tour Directors are itinerary experts and know where you need to be and what the best pace is to allow the group plenty of time to explore. Any required permits for national parks or entries to sightseeing locations are all sorted out for you, so there’s less time waiting and more time experiencing. They’re well-travelled and each Tour Director brings their unique insights to the journey they are leading, so all you need to do is relax and enjoy the journey while someone else takes care of everything else.  
Radmila Tomitch at Geikie Gorge, Western Australia

Have you ever noticed how many of the Scenic Feefo reviews and Facebook comments are about our Tour Directors? 

Our guests love our Tour Directors! Meals, accommodation, sightseeing are also highly mentioned, however in many cases, the main comments from guests are about the professionalism of the Tour Director. The sense of care they provide when managing the group, how they engage and interact with the guests and their knowledge are all very important factors in the overall guest experience. Here are just a few from Feefo and Facebook
“Excellent itinerary. Delightful and helpful leader. Beautiful scenery. Obliging bus driver. Interesting information always provided. Shopping a pleasure. Locals all very pleasant.”
Historic Norfolk Island, Feefo review, July 2019 

“Wonderful trip, wonderful tour director and amazing coach driver. Go Sally and Geoff you are the best.”
Top End & Kimberley Explorer, Facebook review, Leigh T, December 2019 

“Lillian was an absolute delight to have as our Tour Guide. So many wonderful memories and we had a fabulous group.”
Historic Norfolk Island, Facebook review, Lyn D, April 2019 

“What a great time we had on this tour with Radmila and fellow travellers. Strongly recommend it.”
Territory Explorer, Facebook review, Keith B, August 2019 
Tour group in Norfolk Island with Lillian Mann

Local knowledge

It goes without saying that the local guides are invaluable when it comes to local knowledge since many call the destination their ‘home’. They have the insider’s information on their town and will enhance your experience in each location with their anecdotes, tales and hidden gems. 

The Scenic Tour Directors have often visited the locations and travelled on the itineraries many times, so they have much knowledge of the area's history, culture and traditions. While the local guides are the experts on their towns, the Tour Directors are able to answer many questions that you may have about the sightseeing, hotels, meals and share their experiences of travelling in that particular region.  
Indigenous painting, Australia

Your trusted friend

Your Tour Director will always be there to look after you while you’re travelling. From ensuring health and hygiene protocols are adhered, to checking you’re wearing the correct type of shoes and clothing for that day’s activities, relaying information about the terrain and local weather conditions – they will support you every day. 

Professional coach drivers 

Many of Scenic’s returned guests make mention of their “dynamic duo” – their Tour Director and coach driver, who work hand-in-hand to ensure you’re where you are meant to be each moment of the day. Every Scenic coach driver has extensive on road experience and they know how to navigate the remote roads of the outback and the winding roads of Tasmania. Having spent many days with Scenic guests and in the locations we visit, these affable characters have many insightful local stories to share while you relax and enjoy the stunning landscapes pass by. 

Explore Australia with Tour Director, Sally Austin