Choose your ideal Canada journey with Scenic

Choose your ideal Canada Journey with Scenic

Canada truly offers something for everyone: from staying in iconic heritage properties, to experiencing the vibrant cities or exploring untouched wilderness, Canada is the destination for you. With a country as expansive as Canada, there are a wealth of choices for your next holiday. If you’re unsure whether to explore the East or West, or which itinerary is right for you, read on for our guide to the diversity of experiences offered in both regions.  

West Coast or East Coast?

A vast country, Canada offers a huge amount of diversity from East to West – so which is right for you?  
The West Coast provinces are interwoven with First Nations culture, teeming with wildlife, and is home to the Inside Passage to Alaska, the Rocky Mountains and the Rocky Mountaineer. The Atlantic East Coast provinces offer French influences in Québec and Montreal, cosmopolitan cities such as Toronto and Ottawa, world heritage sites and a rich maritime history. There are also traces of Viking settlers dating back to the 11th century. 

Where in the West?

Explore the Rockies then have an immersive wilderness experience 

For a wilderness experience discovered from the land Icons of Western Canada & Knight Inlet is the perfect choice. Knight Inlet Lodge (accessed by seaplane) is a floating wilderness lodge where you can experience the ultimate in grizzly bear viewing. Witness these extraordinary creatures from the water on a boat tour or kayak and learn about bear tracking and other amazing bear-facts from an expert naturalist. 
Knight Inlet Lodge, Canada

A relaxed coastal retreat after exploring the Rockies 

A short seaplane flight from Vancouver takes you to the Esowista Peninsula on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The Pacific Ocean meets rocky outcrops and there are kilometres of sandy beaches. Magnificent groves of old-growth Cedar and Sitka Spruce line quiet rainforest trails. Enjoy a relaxed stay at the boutique Long Beach Lodge Resort in Tofino during Icons of Western Canada & Long Beach Lodge Resort
Long Beach Lodge, Canada

Alaskan Cruising

Cruising up the Inside Passage to Alaska is one of the most immersive ways of taking in the wildlife, glaciers, snow-capped mountains and deep fjords of the region. If you love to be surrounded by the raw beauty of nature, then consider an itinerary with a 7 night Alaskan cruise included such as Canadian Castles & Alaskan Cruise and our most popular Canada tour, Icons of Western Canada & Alaskan Cruise
If you’d like to explore more of Alaska after your cruise, consider Canadian Rockies, Alaska & Arctic Circle which will take you further into the heart of rugged Alaska to Fairbanks, Denali National Park and to the Arctic Circle. Denali National Park is one of Alaska’s most popular destinations for travellers and with good reason. Home to Mt. McKinley, unspoiled wilderness of braided glacial rivers, enormous peaks and lots of wildlife including moose, caribou and grizzly bears - it’s epic in every way. 
Humpback Whale, Alaska cruising
Grizzly Dears, Denali National Park, Alaska

Where in the East?

Eastern Canada and the USA is bursting with charm. From cosmopolitan Toronto and beautiful Québec to the thunder of Niagara Falls and buzz of NYC, revel in the magical mix of culture and rich history for a journey you’ll be talking about for years to come. 

The elegance of the east

From urban Ottawa, the nation’s intriguing capital and a bilingual city, to beautiful Québec City, one of the oldest settlements in North America, with its European-style old town and its Renaissance-era ramparts, you’ll find Canada’s historic eastern side an unexpected treat. The provincial charm of Québec City is complemented by Montreal’s romantic, European feel - perfect settings for the any culture vulture. Québec’s unique French-inspired culture, which covers language, food and traditions, is fascinating to immerse yourself in. Eastern Canada & USA Explorer may be of interest to you. 
Québec City, Canada

Natural wonders

Epic Niagara Falls must be experienced at least once in your life. More than a million bathtubs of water plummet downward every second. Formed when glaciers receded at the end of the last Ice Age, they are a potent reminder of the power of nature. 
Niagara Falls aerial, Canada

Maritime discoveries

Canada’s Atlantic Coast is synonymous with remote stretches of coastline, extraordinary natural beauty and unique cultural identities. The first part of North America to be discovered by Europeans, the Maritime provinces have a proud, centuries-old culture that combines a distinct mix of British, Scottish, Gaelic and French customs. A 7 night cruise through this region with Holland American Line will uncover many of the lesser-known treasures of this region. Choose the Eastern Explorer, Maritimes Cruise & New York itinerary if this is of interest to you.  
Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

Vibrant cities of the Eastern USA

With its fascinating past and wealth of modern wonders, the eastern United States offers plenty of intrigue for history buffs and art enthusiasts alike. Enjoy a delightful Amish feast and get to know the Amish way of life. Discover the intriguing history of Washington D.C., as you explore the iconic monuments of the capital city. In New York City, soak up the glitz and glamour of the city as you experience the exciting life of a New Yorker. An unforgettable roadway Theatre show will be just what you need to complete your Big Apple experience. 
New York City, USA

With so much to explore in the East and the West, which way would you sway? 

Choose West Coast for wildlife, a breathtaking road and rail journey through the Rocky Mountains, Alaskan cruising, First Nations culture. 
Choose East Coast for culture and food, Maritimes cruising, Niagara Falls, proximity to US cities such as New York City.  
Choose both for the Ultimate Journey through Canada Alaska and USA. Travel from Victoria on the west coast to New York City on the east coast over 35 Days on the Grand Tour of Canada & Alaska. Alternatively, the Grand Canada, Alaska & Arctic Circle journey will take you from Toronto on the east coast to Fairbanks, Alaska on the west coast over 34 epic days.