Havana, Cuba

Discover Havana

By Carly Fleet, Scenic Eclipse Discovery Team Member
If thoughts of Cuba conjure iconic images of vintage cars, salsa dancing and superb cigars, you’ll find all this and much more in the stunning and intriguing capital city of Havana. 
The Cuban people are well known for their world-renowned hospitality, charm and sense of humour. Added to this is the fact that education at every level is free for all Cubans, making them an extremely well-educated populace. Proud of their country and always eager to engage with foreigners, you’ll easily find yourself chatting with a bartender, university professor or the fellow driving your bicycle taxi, and the topic of conversation could be anything from baseball to grammar to politics!  

Domestic economic changes introduced in recent years have opened literally hundreds of new venues for self-employment, from renting rooms to serving food to driving a taxi, and the air of expectation in the city is tangible. With new bars and restaurants opening weekly, Havana has been transformed into a culinary sensation. While the classic Cuban dish of rice and beans has always been the staple meal, entrepreneurial chefs are now experimenting with fusions of traditional Cuban food and foreign cuisine. 

Havana’s nightlife is second to none when it comes to quality and variety. Whether you fancy live music, dancing, world-class ballet, theatre productions or cinema, the city has something to offer all tastes. Spend an evening at the famous Tropicana cabaret, commemorated in Graham Greene’s classic 1958 novel Our Man in Havana, or grab a few drinks and make some new friends as you stroll along the beautiful Malecón (Seawall), an 8-kilometre stretch of roadway and extensive sidewalk, where the city meets the sea. Be mesmerized by a spectacular ballet performance at the Grand Theatre of Havana, or sip a cocktail overlooking the city, and visit one of the nightclubs on the rooftop terrace of a luxury hotel. 

The year 2019 is definitely the time to visit. Havana awaits you! 

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