Exploring the Kimberley

From the vast range of birdlife and the camels of Cable Beach – this tour had it all.

Many Australians including ourselves love to holiday overseas, but we shouldn’t forget about the stunning beauty so easily accessible in our own back yard.

Sue and I have recently returned from our Scenic Top End and Kimberley Spectacular tour and we weren’t disappointed.

The tour offered a magic variety of experiences, including stunning scenery, incredible wildlife, superb warm winter weather and amazing indigenous cultural interaction.

This was truly a showcase of what outback Australia had to offer.


There were of course many outstanding sights, including the spectacular sunsets, the colourful rocky gorges, the deep blue waters, the crazy shapes of the Boab trees and vast red dirt landscapes.

They were all stunning and so characteristic of the wonderful part of Australia called The Kimberley.

Of course no trip to the Top End and Kimberley would be complete without seeing its iconic wildlife and it was all there in abundance.

There were the salt water crocodiles and their slightly smaller relatives the freshies, the barramundi, the vast range of birdlife and the camels of Cable Beach – this tour had it all.

And there was more! The cultural experiences were uniquely presented by some great indigenous guides.

There was Neville who spoke about the Boab Prison Tree and the early days of pearling and Tiara from the Willie Creek Pearl Farm who showed us how cultured pearls were grown, harvested and skilfully crafted into beautiful jewellery.

Who could forget the wonderful visit to the Yiyilli aboriginal school.

The tour was packed with so many wonderful experiences that showcased some of the best that outback Australia had to offer. There is no doubt that it was an experience that we can recommend to fellow adventurers.


Words and images courtesy of Brian de Bruyn.