Germany Travel Guide

Adrift on a lifetime of memories.

There can be few more pleasurable scenic experiences than travelling along the Rhine River, one of the world’s great waterways, in ultimate comfort and style with Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours.

The everyday magic inspired by beautifully appointed Space-Ships, cruising amid an idyllic panorama of the forest-rich, mountainous and historic German landscape is breathtaking.

But before we step on board our luxury Scenic Space-Ship, let us glide into port and explore the richly diverse topography, tantalising gourmet offerings and sophisticated, artistic culture of Germany.

From the rugged Alps, flower-festooned meadows, rolling hills and farmland, rivers such as the romantic Rhine and delightful Danube and a landscape laced with hundreds of majestic castles, this western European country (population 82 million) is blessed with natural abundance.

If time is of the essence, the 8 day Rhine Highlights itinerary ideally includes Cologne and its famous cathedral, beautiful Koblenz, fairytale town of Cochem and a visit to Heidelberg’s Renaissance castle.

For those with more time on their hands, the 15 day Jewels of Europe itinerary allows guests to encounter the very best of Europe from Amsterdam through Germany to Budapest.

Delight in the medieval ambience of Marksburg Castle, cruise through the spectacular World Heritage-listed Rhine Gorge and alight in Rüdesheim. Visit the stunning Bishop’s Residenz Palace in Würzburg or explore the famous Romantic Road and take in the beautiful walled town of Rothenburg. Immerse yourself in the Old Town of Bamberg, explore the ancient Bavarian city of Nuremberg and enjoy a walking tour of the medieval town of Regensburg, bordering the Bavarian Forest.

Getting Around

There’s no better way to travel in Germany than by an all-inclusive 5-star luxury river cruise, especially as you only need to unpack once. Take in the stunning vistas as you leisurely cruise through the Rhine Gorge. With plenty of stops throughout Germany, our diverse range of Scenic Enrich and Scenic Freechoice activities allows for further exploration.

Best Time to Visit

As with most northern hemisphere regions, the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn are coveted times to visit. Temperate climates and the avoidance of heat and crowds in summer and the blistering yet misty chill of winter.

Berlin in Two Days

For further exploration of Germany, its capital city Berlin can be visited as part of a Scenic Europe land extension. Enjoy an eye-opening visit to the Berlin Wall memorial as part of Scenic Freechoice or embark on a relaxing cruise along the Spree River.

During your free day, why not take in the Reichstag, the landmark Brandenburg Gate, or travel further south to the Holocaust Museum and Potsdam Platz. Checkpoint Charlie, in the city’s heart, is also close by. You could spend an entire day at Museumsinsel, absorbing the treasured repositories of the past.

For cultural boffins, attending a classical concert at the Berlin Philharmonie provides a magical evening of entertainment.

Two Days in Munich

For those on the 8 day Iconic Danube itinerary, why not extend your stay in Munich to explore this historic Bavarian city on your own, well known for its beer gardens and annual Oktoberfest celebration. Start with breakfast at Viktualiemakt, then cross Marienplatz for a tour of regalia at Residenz. Recline in the Englischer Garten and view the technical advertisements at Deutscher Museum before finishing the day at a typical Munich beer hall.

The second day could encompass the high-end museums and galleries in the Kunstareal (Arts Quarter).

Fabulous Food, Wine and More!

Foodies should not be fooled by traditional misconceptions: it’s not all wurst and sauerkraut on the menu. In fact, more than 11 restaurants in the country have three Michelin stars, more than 38 have two stars and more than 233 have one star. This makes Germany the second most decorated cuisine in the world, after France.

Some of the Best

During your free time in Germany, you are sure to come across the popular street food currywurst, which is available almost everywhere, and will linger both on the taste buds and in memory. For fine dining at its zenith, it’s hard to go past, or miss the life-sized missile as wall art at Pauly Saal in Berlin (for artisan German-Austrian cuisine). In Munich, Mark’s at the Mandarin Oriental serves superb regional fare with Asian notes and sky-high views to match.

Preparation Pays

Did you know that Germany is within the Schengen area, comprised of 26 European countries? As such, visitors to this area do not require a visa if their planned stay is up to 90 days or within a 180-day period, according to the government-regulated Smart Traveller.

Travel insurance should range from $86 up to $355 per person, depending on the age group. Shop around for the best deals, but ensure it covers: cancellation costs; lost luggage and damaged items and overseas medical emergencies. We recommend speaking to Scenic directly about our travel insurance policies or to your local travel agent.

Cash, credit and debit cards are accepted at most establishments throughout Germany and the Euro conversion rate is generally: 1 euro = $AUD1.58.

Germans are naturally friendly with a wry sense of humour. They generally speak several foreign languages and English is prime among them. Many school children are taught English from a young age and certainly at the selective secondary education system known as the gymnasium. A simple “guten tag” and “danke” will work wonders in diplomatic relations.

Floating on High

If you’re lucky enough to stop at the delightful wine town of Rüdesheim, make sure to tune into the self-playing instruments at the Siegfried’s Mechanical Musical Instrument Museum or, if in Cologne, a stroll through the old city will get you up close to the twin towers of the famous cathedral. But perhaps the most unforgettable juncture of the journey is the Rhine Gorge, where ancient castles loom hundreds of metres above water level. Enjoy the unforgettable scenery.

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