Mesmerising Temple Experience

Marvel at Kravan Temple on our new 11 Day Luxury Mekong and Temple Discovery cruise and tour.

We have recently launched a brand new cruise and tour for 2018/2019, the 11 Day Luxury Mekong and Temples Discovery. This fascinating itinerary includes seven nights on board the Scenic Spirit, the most luxurious and spacious vessel on the Mekong river, in truly all-inclusive luxury; followed by three nights in Siem Reap, the beating heart of Cambodia.

Be wowed at our exclusive Scenic Enrich experience featuring a magical themed gala dinner and an Apsara dancing show in front of the candle lit temple ruins. This exceptional evening takes place in the 10th century Hindu monument of Kravan Temple.

Only a few steps from the old citadel of Angkor Wat, this temple welcomes you to a unique evening worthy of the ancient Khmer kings.

The Dance of the Aspara had near disappeared during the reign of the Khmer Rouge between 1975-1979. The tradition thankfully remains as a few surviving dancers of the Cambodian atrocities managed to pass on their knowledge to the next generations.

Kravan Temple is comprised of five reddish brick towers housing interior brick carvings dedicated to Vishnu, the Supreme God of Hinduism. In the largest central tower, an eight-armed Vishnu appears on the back wall, taking the three gigantic steps with which he reclaimed the world.

Surrounded by a moat, the monument has a small causeway in the western section of the temple grounds. The entrance gate is thought to have been east of the towers where there is a large cruciform terrace. It is assumed that the gate was built out of wood or some other perishable material as nothing of it remains today.

Hundreds of Asparas are depicted on many Angkor stone carved walls, depicting the meaningful link between the different religions on which Cambodia has been built.

This is experience is sure to leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

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