Remarkable Places to Experience in Taiwan with Scenic

Located off the eastern coast of the People's Republic of China, Taiwan is an isle brimming with wonder. A melting pot of cultures, sacred traditions and awe-inspiring vistas. In 2022, this mystical country is set to be one of the leading destinations in Asia which you can now experience with Scenic. 
Listen carefully and you will hear the light hum of prayers filling the streets outside Taoist temples in Taipei. In Taroko National Park cascading waters splash against marble rock formations. Whilst on Sun Moon Lake, it is pure tranquillity as silence stretches into the far distance.  
There is a serenity to Taiwan. This is a place of remarkable history, vibrant cultures, exotic flavours and, above all else, a sense of peacefulness. Life feels slower and more mindful. It’s about taking a moment to breathe in deeply and notice a land where vibrant mountain ranges frame pockets of cities, where skyscrapers reach into the sky.  
From north to south of the island, we’ve searched to find extraordinary new moments to build into the 2022 Scenic handcrafted escorted tours program. Here are a few of the incredible highlights that will place you in the heart of one of Asia’s most exciting destinations.

Must See: Explore the City of Taipei 

Taipei is a city rich in history and incredible innovation. Intricate temples sit side-by-side by some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world. You can gaze up at 101 Taipei Building, previously the tallest skyscraper until the arrival of Burj Khalifa in Dubai in 2009. Then step into magnificent Bangka Lungshan Temple, and learn of its incredible survival through devastating earthquakes and many natural disasters over almost four centuries.

While there’s plenty to see in Taipei, there’s also many unique dishes to sample. “Have you eaten yet?” is a form of greeting by the Taiwanese, truly highlighting the importance of the nation’s culinary delights. On a handcrafted land journey with Scenic, you’ll be guided through the lively markets in the city before enjoying a hands-on cooking experience. You’ll learn how to cook steamed pork dumplings known as Xiaolongbao.  

Unique Discovery: Sun Moon Lake

From the city and into the rolling hills of the countryside. The Nantou country is truly sensational and located south of Taipei. Travel by train to the base of soaring mountains which peak above a soft white mist. Generous lakes are framed by sublime forests. In the spring, the region is a spectacular explosion of cherry blossom. The unrivalled star of the show here is Sun Moon Lake. A daily transformation of the lake’s pristine waters occurs depending on the time of day you arrive. In morning, the water is golden. At night, often purple.  

Scenic guests enjoy a boat ride around the pristine waters of the lake before visiting the Tze-en Pagoda, a remarkable golden structure that peaks out from the surrounding forest. You can take a cable car to the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, delighting in panoramic views of the lake and mountains before learning about the rich history of the village. Or enjoy a bike ride along the picturesque Xiangahan Bikeway. If you love tea, the flavours of oolong after a visit to the Sun Moon Lake Black Tea Farm will infuse your memories of your travels here for a long time to come. 

Lesser Known: Discover Taroko National Park 

One of the eight wonders of Taiwan is found within the breathtakingly beautiful Taroko National Park. Sitting 1,000 meters high, with an almost vertical drop into the sea, Qingshui Cliff is a natural masterpiece. From the highway that snakes its curve, you can look down and marvel at the mosaic of blues as the Pacific Ocean meets light blue skies in the horizon. It is just one of many wonders within this spectacular national park. Marvel as waterfalls glide down marble cliff faces that glimmer in the sunlight. Explore multiple tunnels near Swallow’s Grotto, peering over the cliff edge at the pebble coastline below, before entering the 700-metre-long Tunnel of Nine Turna. 

Enriching: Learn about Buddhism

A handcrafted land journey with Scenic is more than unlocking interesting experiences. Scenic Enrich elevates your cultural discoveries with extraordinary encounters you will remember for a lifetime.  
In Taiwan, you’ll be given an unrivalled access into the Fo Guang Shan Monastery, which is the largest Buddhist monastery in the country. Found just outside Kaohsiung, the second largest city in Taiwan, it also boasts to being the home of the world’s tallest bronze Buddha that is found just outside the monastery and reaches 40 metres into the sky. Once here, you’ll meet with a local monk who will guide you through the traditional Buddhist ritual of sutra transcription. As you trace each character, from left to right and top to bottom, you’ll discover the meditative power of this age-old tradition. You’ll leave feeling incredibly relaxed, and with a deep understanding to why the Taiwanese approach to life is so delightfully enriching.  

Join Us in Discovering Taiwan

Join us on a 12-day journey through this remarkable region, discovering must see sites as well as uncovering lesser-known regions. From north to south, the marvels of Taiwan are awaiting you.  
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