Scenic Culinaire Q&A

What is Scenic Culinaire and when will it launch?

Scenic Culinaire is a new and exclusive experience for Scenic guests. France is the epicentre of cuisine and fine dining and Scenic Culinaire will allow our guests to participate in a series of on board cooking classes, taught by our onboard culinary experts, and featuring the finest in local ingredients.

What inspired Scenic to create this experience?

Food is such an integral part of French culture, and we wanted to bring an experience to our guests that was more than just tasting the meal, we wanted to give them the chance to immerse themselves in the culinary delights of French gastronomy not just onshore, but also on board. Scenic Culinaire is a hands on culinary experience, where our on board culinary experts plus at times specialty local experts will share their knowledge and passion of French cooking with Scenic guests from all over the world so that they can take a little piece of France home with them.

Will this be on all Scenic Space-Ships in France?

Scenic Culinaire will be on our ships in the South of France and Bordeaux regions.

Where will guests find Scenic Culinaire on the ship?

We have transformed a section of our Crystal Dining venue into a private cooking emporium which will feature cooking stations and a cheese and wine cellar. There is a live camera and screen so that nobody will miss anything during the cooking classes.

Who will host the cooking classes?

The cooking classes will be taught by a mix of local culinary experts and our on board culinary team.

Have any other changes been made to these ships?

We’ve opened up public spaces and reduced the number of guests – but not our staff numbers – for an even more personalised level of service than ever before. Additionally, we’ve introduced a vitality pool, fitness centre and wellness area. A highlight of these ships will be the two new one-bedroom Royal Owners’ Suites, the largest in France and across our entire European fleet.

What dishes will guests get to prepare?

We’ll tailor each Scenic Culinaire class to the region we’re cruising through to enhance our guests’ experience of cuisine in the Rhône and Bordeaux regions. This could include French pastries to the famed artisan chocolate of Bordeaux; the French sauces now renowned all over the world or the carnivorous delights of Provence, the classes will offer Scenic guests an insight into France gastronomy unlike any other.


Where will the ingredients be sourced from?

On our Shop with the Chef experience, participants will gather fresh ingredients from a local market under the expert guidance of our chef, before heading back to the ship where our cooking instructors will introduce our guests to an array of popular regional recipes.

Scenic Culinaire will showcase the freshest and best of local produce in the beautiful regions through which Scenic cruises in France to create popular regional dishes with those guests with a keen interest in French cuisine.

And there will be tastings at the conclusion of each class so everyone can enjoy what they have cooked.

How many people can attend each class?

Each Scenic Culinaire class caters exclusively to 10 guests to ensure an intimate experience and features a real-time camera and screen to ensure each participant can see every cooking move in detail. Plenty of sessions are scheduled throughout the cruise, both via Scenic Freechoice offerings and during time spent leisurely cruising the waterways of the South of France and Bordeaux regions. We recommend guests simply register their interest early when on board their chosen cruise in these regions.