Seven popular recipes from around the world

Travel and food have a symbiotic relationship and no travel story is complete without the mention of a memorable meal, bursting with local flavours that you enjoy on your holiday. While you’re reminiscing about your past Scenic holidays and making plans for 2021 travels, this is the perfect time to give your tastebuds a tour of exotic lands, from the comfort of your kitchen. Here are seven of the most well known recipes from around the world for you to cook and share with friends and family; 

1. France- French Onion Soup

From the romantic land of haute cuisine comes this extremely easy recipe that is almost exclusively composed of onions. A hearty French broth that is the perfect winter treat, onion soup is made with caramelised onions, butter and stock, and topped with deliciously cheesy bread. Home cook this beloved dish with this easy recipe, and be sure to try it on your next French river holiday.
French Onion Soup Recipe

2. Hungary - Goulash

Bring the rich, spicy, piping hot deliciousness of your holiday in Budapest into your kitchen with this easy recipe of the national dish of Hungary, the delightful gulyás (goulash).
Hungarian Goulash Recipe

3. Austria - Wienerschnitzel

Everyone loves a great schnitzel. When you find out how easy this favourite food is to make at home, you’ll love it even more. So while you pick the perfect Austrian itinerary for your next holiday, why not try recreating the famous national dish in your kitchen?
Austrian Wienerschnitzel Recipe

4. Germany - Currywurst

One of Germany’s favourite comfort foods, currywurst is another of the popular recipes that can easily be replicated at home. Buy a pack of kielbasa sausages from the supermarket, and prepare this easy currywurst sauce to give it the authentic German culinary touch and relive your fond German holiday memories.
German Currywurst

5. Canada - Poutine

What’s better than a delicious serving of hot chips? Well, try hot chips with a generous dribbling of warm gravy and gooey cheese curds. To give your taste buds a tour of Canadian cuisine, try this popular recipe of authentic poutine.
Canadian Poutine

6. Vietnam - Pho

Local food is the highlight of any South East Asian holiday. A warm bowl of noodle soup can connect you with the true culture of a country – so you will love the wholesome Vietnamese pho. Here is something to test your culinary skills by trying the slow cooking of the Pho broth (up to 10 hours);

7. Russia - Grechka

Wholesome, delicious and wonderfully easy to make, the grechka or buckwheat porridge is a widely popular recipe and a must-try on your next Russian vacation. Get a taste of the Russian way of life by trying this recipe in the comfort of your kitchen.
Grechka, Russia recipe
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