The incredible wonders of South Georgia

The incredible wonders of South Georgia

The sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia is one of the remotest places on the planet. The lack of human interference has meant that wildlife has thrived and Mother Nature has been preserved at her pristine best. Often overlooked in favour of the majestic continent of Antarctica, the island is teeming with some of the most unique wildlife and jaw dropping scenery and is best explored on a relaxing South Georgia cruise. It’s not for nothing they call the island the Serengeti of the Southern Ocean. If you’re wondering why visit Georgia, here’s a list of the top South Georgia things to do for an adventure of a lifetime.

The unbelievable wildlife

If you’re pondering about why visit South Georgia, the fascinating wildlife ought to convince you. Despite being a small outpost in the vastness of the south Atlantic, the sea around South Georgia is one of the liveliest areas on earth. The abundant marine life supports millions of seals, whales, penguins and seabirds. Keep an eye out for large pods of whales off the coast; the wandering albatross – the bird with the largest wingspan; harems of hulking elephant seals and their adorable, inquisitive pups; and of course, the real reason you’ve come to this faraway land – the large, noisy rookeries of King Penguins. 
Admire the incredible South Georgia wildlife

Kayaking opportunities

Get even closer to the spectacular marine life of South Georgia by setting out on a kayak or Zodiac expedition through the crystal-clear waters, the number one South Georgia things to do. Paddle past floating ice-bergs and lazing seals, and keep your cameras ready for breaching whales. A kayaking or Zodiac expedition through South Georgian waters in sure to transform you in ways you never imagined. 
Kayak the waters of South Georgia, Antarctica

Heart-stirring landscapes

Snow-capped mountains rising from the ocean, boasting soaring peaks untouched by man, more than a hundred ancient glaciers quietly hydrating the planet, and pristine icescapes for days, arriving in South Georgia will have you believe, you’re the first human to set foot on earth. A visit to the Drygalski Fjord is something to add to your South Georgia things to do to admire the dramatic scenery and the calving of the aquamarine-hued Risting Glacier, where the fjord terminates. 
Marvel at Drygalski Fjord in South Georgia, Antarctica

Ernest Shackleton's grave

On his third sailing expedition to the Antarctic, legendary explorer Ernest Shackleton’s ship ‘Endurance’ became trapped in ice. Shackleton and his crew managed to reach Elephant Island on small boats. From here, with five of his crew, Shackleton sailed for 16 days and 1,300 kilometres to arrive at South Georgia, where he found help for his men at a whaling station. Every member of the crew survived the ill-fated expedition and Shackleton’s brave adventure went down in nautical history as one of the greatest. Shackleton later returned for a fourth expedition through the region but died of a heart attack on South Georgia. 

As you explore the island, you will have the opportunity to reflect on Shackleton’s epic journey and even pay your respects at his final resting place at the Whalers’ Cemetery. Shackleton’s headstone is engraved with his favourite quotation by poet Robert Browning, and it reads ‘I hold that a man should strive to the uttermost for his life’s set prize.’ 
Ernest Shackleton Grave, South Georgia
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