Multi-generational travel

The rise of multi-generational travel

There’s a trend on the horizon: multi-generational cruising.
At Scenic, we’re starting to see increasing numbers of travellers who want to share a unique (hassle-free) cruising or touring experience with their family. From grandparents and their grandchildren to mothers and daughters.

We recently caught up with Lisa Mellows, 33, who has been on many Scenic adventures around the world with her father David, 63. Here’s what she had to say.

We were referred to Scenic by some close friends who are very meticulous when it comes to travel companies. Our first cruise with Scenic was a combined 60th and 30th birthday celebration for Dad and I.

I had previously found the endless amount of work in planning and organising a trip (while actually travelling) quite tiresome. So I decided to let someone else do the hard work!

When Dad and I are making our travel plans, I do the majority of the research and consider what is next on both of our bucket lists. I then approach our local Scenic travel agent and make all the arrangements directly with Scenic.

Dad is retired, so we tend to work around my leave. The only problem is that there are so many places to go and not enough annual leave available!

We’re both interested in history, and picked previous journeys – including our most recent Mekong river cruise – with a historical angle. In the future, we're considering a Scenic cruise to learn more about European history.

We both have a great interest in food and wine. I am definitely looking forward to a German Riesling on our upcoming Christmas cruise later this year.

Our Mekong cruise was my first trip to Asia, and I certainly felt like it catered to all our cultural, historical and culinary needs. And because we have similar interests, Dad I chose all the same shore excursions.
I found that I shared many similar interests with other guests on the cruise, too, and I really enjoyed meeting them. I found them incredibly caring and very inclusive.

We’ve kept in contact with many of the people we have met on our Scenic travels, through email and Facebook.

We have a couple more cruises coming up. Dad and I have chosen the Christmas Wonderland cruise in December this year, as I want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney and enjoy a cooler climate.

Because Dad has always had a great interest in China – and based on our great experience in the Mekong – we wanted to try Asia again with Scenic, so we’re going on a Pandas & Palaces China journey in 2019.

If you’re looking to travel with family that’s younger, older or in-between, we have some great options for cruising and touring.

The good thing about having a group of mixed ages is that travellers can individually pick and choose the pace and activities that suit them. One thing you’ll all share, though, is bonding over some incredible memories that will last forever.

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