Top 5 Most Romantic Cities in Europe

Despite a turbulent past, Europe has managed to preserve the romance within the soaring spires of its fairytale castles, the twists and turns of its scenic canals, and the heart of its numerous natural wonders.

The continent is bursting with wonderfully dreamy cities with an air of romance that is simply inescapable. So here’s our pick of the most romantic getaways in Europe in no particular order that might just be the perfect place to spend your next Valentine’s Day.

City of love - Paris

This one hardly comes as a surprise. For centuries, celebrated artists have expressed their love for the city on paper, canvas, and film.

From the love locks secured on its charming bridges to the twinkling lights of its skyline, Paris is synonymous with romance. It’s no wonder the Eiffel Tower ranks among the top 10 places in the world to pop the question.

A dinner for two at 58 Tour Eiffel atop the Eiffel Tower is certainly one of most romantic things to do in Paris.

And if you’re in the mood for something cheesy, why not recreate Rodin’s famous sculpture ‘The Kiss’ at Musée Rodin? With a scenery so perfect, even a quiet stroll along with Seine will be no less romantic.


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Cobbled lanes and cherry blossoms - Prague

From building the largest castle in the world to brewing some of the best beer, the Czech sure like to do things differently. Thus, Valentine’s Day in the Czech Republic is celebrated on the first of May.

Known as Svátek zamilovaných, it is customary for couples to kiss under a blossoming tree (preferably a cherry tree) on this day.

The endearing traditions, the centuries old structures, the quaint cobblestone alleyways and spectacular natural beauty make Prague one of the world’s most romantic cities.

Wandering through its historic old town square, hand-in-hand with your significant other, while being serenaded by street jazz musicians is truly a heart-warming experience.


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Paris of the East - Budapest

Budapest’s reputation as one of the prettiest cities in Europe is not without merit.

With stunning bridges and spectacular castles, the city is not only blessed with natural and manmade wonders but also has its share of romantic experiences.

Bearing a striking resemblance to the castle in the Walt Disney logo, the Fisherman’s Bastion is the best place for panoramic views of the city and a romantic Budapest sunset.

The city’s fabled Roman baths are one of the most relaxing experiences you can indulge in with your special someone. The therapeutic waters from Budapest’s more than 120 hot springs have been in use since the 1st century and the baths are set within beautiful ancient buildings that epitomise romance.


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The floating city - Venice

Can you think of an experience more romantic than cosying up to your loved one in an ornate gondola, floating down the Venetian canals as the gondolier croons melodies punctuated by the sound of his moving oars?

Bring along a bottle of delicious local wine to complete the romantic experience.

Of course, canals are not the only attraction that the city has to offer. Venice is packed with various idealistic experiences.

You could enjoy a romantic opera at the famous Teatro La Fenice, a coffee at the idyllic pavement cafes of St. Marks’s Square or simply take a stroll around the spectacular Doge’s Palace.


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Land of legends - Bruges

Winding canals, historic bridges, and elegant swans, Bruges is as romantic as they come.

Take a leisurely walk over to the Lake of Love and stand atop the Lover’s Bridge in Minnewater Park to toss bread crumbs to the many graceful swans swimming below.

Legend says kissing your partner on the bridge makes your love eternal.

As per another legend, the Minnewater Park was named after a beautiful girl named Minna who was in love with Stromberg, the warrior. On being forced to marry another man by her father, Minna ran away into the forest, only to die of exhaustion in Stromberg’s arms. 


But Bruges is much more than melancholic folklores. For instance, it is no secret that Belgian chocolates are beyond comparison and Bruges has some of the best chocolatiers in the country. Take a trip to a local chocolate shop and indulge your loved one with some of finest varieties in the world.


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