Top 5 wonders of Western Australia

Top 5 Wonders of Western Australia

Western Australia is a land like no other. Blessed with one of the country’s most diverse landscapes, the land features something for everyone. Soaring canyons, vibrant wildlife, shimmering beaches, pink lakes, and mouth-watering gourmet treats. Once you begin exploring, you’ll never wonder about what to do in Western Australia. To make things easier, here is our list of top five wonders of the region that will tell you exactly where to visit in Western Australia. 

The Kimberley

The extraordinary Kimberley region of Western Australia is one of the great untouched landscapes on the planet. Rich with wildlife and rugged natural beauty, it will take your breath away. If you’re wondering about what to do in Western Australia, here are some activities you can consider – take a flight over the quirky land masses of Bungle Bungle Ranges in Kununurra, stay within the wild and wonderful El Questro Wilderness Park, or cruise through the Kimberley region. 

On your unforgettable Kimberley cruise, you will encounter wonders that are truly unique to Western Australia. Visit the Horizontal Falls, a one-of-a-kind phenomenon caused by powerful tides squeezing their way through two tiny inlets in the towering sandstone structures of the McLarty Ranges. Be spellbound by the water cascading off Montgomery Reef, revealing marine life of the most vibrant colours. And, drink in the views of King George Falls, the highest twin falls in Western Australia. To add a touch of history to your ‘what to do in Western Australia’ list, make your way to see the Gwion Gwion rock art, also known as the ‘Bradshaws’, reputed to be the oldest artwork known to man, much older than the Egyptian pyramids. The sophisticated paintings have befuddled scientists for decades due to their mysterious origins, and are certain to blow your mind too. 
Cruise the Horizontal Falls in the Kimberley, Western Australia

Monkey Mia and the Coral Coast

Western Australia’s Coral Coast is home to one of the only two beaches on the planet formed by billions of coquina bivalve shells – the Shell Beach. Take a stroll over the snow white beach or float in the hypersaline waters. At Monkey Mia, meet the friendly bottlenose dolphins that have been visiting the shores for over 50 years, and watch them being fed by hand by the rangers.

Visit the UNESCO Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area to go coral viewing and encounter rare flora and fauna, including whale sharks. Snorkel with over 500 varieties of fish and various species of sea turtles that inhabit the ancient coral gardens. 
See the friendly bottlenose dolphins at Monkey Mia, Western Australia

Margaret River

Margaret River is the epicurean capital of the region. A quaint town located a stone’s throw away from Perth, and surrounded by beaches and vineyards, it is the ultimate holiday destination and one to add to your where to visit in Western Australia itinerary. Producing over 15 percent of Australia’s fine wines, Margaret River is the perfect place for a gastronomical adventure.

Enjoy tasting a variety of premium wines at its many wineries followed by a gourmet meal. Wines are not all you can look forward to here. Margaret River also boasts a range of distilleries and breweries to cater to every taste. 
Sample the wines in the Margaret River, Western Australia

Lake Ballard

Visit Australia’s largest outdoor gallery at Lake Ballard. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Perth International Arts, British sculptor Sir Antony Gormley created 51 stainless-steel sculptures, and scattered them across a pristine white salt lake. A curious sight amidst the red outback, the eerie sculptures transport you to an alien world.

Camp under the stars and capture the haunting art forms on your camera under the varying light of the sun and the moon.
Lake Ballard sculptures, Western Australia

Nambung National Park

Continue your otherworldly sojourn by visiting the Pinnacles Desert at Nambung National Park. Here, thousands of limestone pillars dot the horizon, some growing as tall as 3.5 metres. While it might seem like the pinnacles were created by aliens (a la the famed crop circles), they are actually the result of millions of years of weather eroded limestone beds composed of deposited marine organisms such as coral and molluscs.

Extra-terrestrial or not, you should definitely put Nambung National Park on your where to visit in Western Australia agenda.
Explore the Pinnacles at Nambung National Park, Western Australia

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