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Unrivalled exploration of the Arctic, Fjords, Japan & Russian Far East in 2022/23

New voyages, destinations and discovery experiences on Scenic Eclipse, The World’s First Discovery Yachts™ has continued to set the benchmark in ultra-luxury expedition cruising, with the release of the new 2022/23 Arctic, Fjords, Japan & Russian Far East itineraries. 

Core highlights of the 2022/2023 Scenic Eclipse program include new discovery experiences and the introduction of the Northeast Passage, Japan and the Russian Far East voyages in 2023. The Scenic Freechoice options have been expanded, including an in-depth itinerary exploring the Arctic and Norwegian Fjords regions and luxurious 5-star escorted Land Journeys, discovering Scandinavia, Iceland, Japan and Alaska. 

Discover stunning wonders of the Arctic, as you soar above the horizon by helicopter^ over pristine landscapes – a perspective few have experienced. The expert Discovery Team will introduce guests to the unique and diverse marine environments, by submarine and on board Scenic Eclipse custom-designed Scenic Neptune^. Explore the spectacular Arctic scenery, tundra landscapes and wildlife on board a Zodiac cruise or kayak or stand-up paddleboard past majestic glaciers, as you feel the clean cool ocean breeze.

With a focus on enriching discovery experiences, every Arctic voyage has been designed to provide guests with unrivalled immersion in these culturally rich, diverse wildlife and stunningly beautiful regions.  

Voyages for 2022/2023 

It’s the perfect time to start planning your next adventure and dream about where Scenic will take you next.

The Arctic and Norwegian Fjords

12 day Majestic Norwegian Fjords  

15 day Arctic Islands: Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland

12 day Exploring the High Arctic

21 day Unlocking the Northwest Passage

15 day Adventures through the Inside Passage

The Arctic presents a rare opportunity to escape into the immensity of the vast wilderness. Discover the awe-inspiring Fjords of Norway and the Svalbard Archipelago to Greenland’s Glacier and the geology of Iceland, guided by Scenic Eclipse’s (up to 20-member) expert Discovery Team. Polar bears sightings, towering glaciers, dramatic fjords and the midnight sun, are just some of the Artic natural wonders you will experience on an ultra-luxury cruise on board Scenic Eclipse, The World’s First Discovery Yachts™.
Polar bear Svalbard
Greenland Zodiac

Northeast Passage 

Crossing the Legendary Northeast Passage 

Embark on a truly unique voyage, exploring through sea ice, glaciers and icebergs, over tundra plains and ancient ceremonial sites, along mountain-lined landscapes and volcano spires. Spot wildlife such as great numbers of walrus, polar bears, whales and arctic seabird colonies. Walk where mammoths once roamed and feel the greatness of this untouched corner of the world.
Helicopter inside passage
Walrus Svalbard

The Russian Far East

Jewels of the Russian Far East and Fire & Ocean: Russia’s Kamchatka & The Kurils 

Russia is home to abundant land and marine wildlife, a unique region that will certainly captivate very guest. Venture along one of the world’s most active plate boundaries of the Kuril Islands and witness dramatic landscapes.

The Russian Far East is a region filled with icebergs and features volcanoes and unique wildlife. The Northeast Passage new for 2023, is one of the most remote regions offering countless wonders and wildlife in one of the greatest seaways in the world. As a pinnacle of polar explorations, experience these unrivalled destinations from the truly all-inclusive surrounds of your ultra-luxury Discovery Yacht, Scenic Eclipse for memories that will last a lifetime.
Onekotan Island Russia
Kamchatka brown bear, Kuril Lake Russia


A Journey Through Time and the Natural Wonders of Japan 

Japan’s ancient cultures, prehistoric archaeological sites and cutting-edge metropolis offers an array of unseen riches to explore.

These new two itineraries cover voyages down the east coast and west coast of Japan, with regions only recently open to carefully managed tourism. Or you can choose to travel up the east coast of Japan, witnessing the contrasts between futuristic Tokyo, a captivating city of neon lights.
Himeji Castle Japan
Osaka Japan night

Our Commitment to You

We understand the importance of maintaining your health and wellness whilst travelling. Our dedicated team is working closely with the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) and government agencies, to implement a full range of health and wellness measures for our ocean cruise operations. 

Cruise with confidence | Our commitment to your health & safety - Scenic°

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^Helicopter and Submarine experiences at additional cost, subject to regulatory approval, weight restrictions, medical approval and weather and ice conditions. Helicopters are unable to operate in Svalbard, Russian Arctic and Russian Fare East.

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