The Rhine & Moselle River

The beautiful Rhine & Moselle River

Peacefully winding its way between Trier and Koblenz, tracing one of Germany's most delightful river valleys, the Moselle River is as charmingly refreshing as the Rieslings famously produced along its banks.

A main tributary of the romantic Rhine, the 547 kilometre Moselle River flows dreamily through France, Luxembourg and Germany, taking in the beautiful river valleys, flourishing wine vineyards, medieval architecture and towns in the region.

As a crucial industrial route, the Moselle is both a functioning contemporary waterway and a stunning gem on the European river cruising region.

Our Moselle River cruises takes you through the picturesque middle to lower Moselle, where this steeply winding passage linking Trier and Koblenz has preserved its ancient fairy-tale castles, medieval villages and lush landscapes. 

Famed for the wines and liquors produced in the valleys along the river, the Moselle’s characteristic drop is the Riesling. The Riesling grape is ‘terroir-expressive’, meaning the wine is greatly influenced by the terrain of the region it is produced in and the Moselle Valley Rieslings are considered the best in Europe.

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Destinations on the river

Many of the European gems dotted along the banks of this dreamy waterway are explored on our Rhine and Moselle River cruises.

As the Moselle twists and turns through France, Luxembourg and Germany – and connects to the Romantic Rhine River, our Europe river cruises offer a vast range of activities and sites for you to indulge in along the way.

A sample of what to expect on our Europe river cruises:

Discover the main tourist town of Cochem, first settled in early Celtic and Roman times and still thriving today. Medieval cobblestone streets tumble down and around the Reichsburg Castle and its delightful riverfront promenade is charmingly fairy-tale picturesque. Enjoy your guided tour of the town and castle before enjoying the evening as you like. You may take the Sesselbahn (chairlift) up to a mountaintop restaurant or sample some wine of the region, it’s your time to enjoy.

In Bernkastel, your Freechoice options include a guided tour of the Grande Duchy in gorgeous Luxembourg, or a relaxing walking tour through Trier or explore the pretty Bernkastel at your own pace.

Straddling two of Europe’s most impressive waterways, the city of Koblenz has much to offer and after a cable car ride over the Rhine River you can toast a magical day’s end in the impressive Ehrensbreitstein Fortress with your fellow Sundowners. Your Enrich experience on this cruise is truly spectacular. In Mannheim take in an exclusive tour and private concert in the Palace of Rastatt a Rare European jewel, the Palace of Rastatt is the oldest residential palace in the Upper Rhine Valley and was modelled on France’s Palace of Versailles.