European River Cruises

Destination: Budapest, Hungary

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A luxury experience that inspires and thrills

Join us on our European River Cruises for an all-inclusive journey taking you down some of the world's most famous waterways.

Discover the hidden gems of Europe and experience moments that recreate the wonder of years past.

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  • Rhine River Cruises
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  • Seine River Cruises

It begins the instant we transport you from the airport to your luxury floating hotel. A butler opens your suite door to luxury, world-class dining and unlimited top-shelf beverages. And that’s even before you embark on your unforgettable voyage.

On a European River Cruise with Scenic, there are moments of wonder around every bend.

There are so many wonderful moments waiting to be uncovered across beautiful and historically rich Europe, and Scenic’s handcrafted journeys are designed to do exactly that.

The wonders you will find

These majestic waterways span a varied and spectacular region with so much to offer - from timeless villages that preserve traditions most other regions have lost, to spectacular cities and architectural masterworks.

From rivers that flow through some of the world’s most serene settings to dramatic snow-covered peaks that take your breath away, our European River Cruises bring the Europe of your imagination to life.

Looking to travel this year? A range of 2019 river cruising itineraries are still available. Plan ahead and take a look at our European 2020 river cruising itineraries.

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Beyond all-inclusive luxury

From the moment you step on board you'll be spoilt for choice. You'll enjoy the ultimate in all-inclusive luxury every moment of the day.
  • Luxuriously Appointed Suites
    Enjoy your queen-size Scenic Slumber Bed, pillow menu, luxurious bath products, Wi-Fi internet and Mac mini info-tainment system.
  • Scenic Sun Lounges
    Our all-weather private balconies ensure you won’t miss a minute of the sublime scenery. The world opens up at the touch of a button.
  • Scenic Freechoice
    Choose from a range of sightseeing activities that interest you most, from guided tours, museum visits to wine tasting - they’re all included.
  • Scenic Enrich
    Handpicked experiences, from exclusive private concerts in magical surrounds, to specially arranged meals where you can enjoy the warm hospitality of the locals.
  • Scenic Tailormade
    With our Scenic Tailormade App, you can step away from your group and do some exploring of your own, before guiding you safely back to your Scenic Space-Ship.
  • All-Inclusive Wellness
    On board your luxurious Scenic Space-Ship, you will have access to a range of health and wellness amenities at the dedicated wellness centre.
  • Up to Five Dining Options
    From casual dining at River Café, to a six course dégustation menu at Table La Rive. Enjoy everything we offer on board including a range of entertainment.
  • Unlimited Complimentary Beverages
    Choose from our extensive bar menu with a drink or every occasion or enjoy your complimentary in-suite mini bar and try out our in-suite room service.
  • Butler Service
    Enjoy a nightly turndown service, shoe-shining or have your salon appointments organised, with hair, massage and beauty treatments^ available.
  • The Nth Degree
    We've thought about the details so you don't have to, from personal airport transfers, first-class transport and local guides. All tips and gratuities are included.
boat on a river

A 5-star floating hotel

Cruising with Scenic is quite simply, the indulgence of a lifetime. With each new generation of Scenic Space-Ships, we continue to provide experiences that are beyond exceptional.

From the moment you step on board, you’ll be spoilt for choice and can look forward to a wide array of luxuries. From our bubbling vitality pool, to suites that are the largest of any river cruise ship.

On board you’ll have full access to a wellness area, complete with massage services and a hair salon, a gym, special on board entertainment, Wi-Fi internet, e-bikes and of course luxuriously appointed suites to retire to at the end of the day.

Every aspect of the ship’s design has been considered at length. For instance, the Riverview Terrace at the front of the Sun Deck is sunken on most days – an innovation that allows you to access it even when passing under low bridges.

Join us for a river in 2020 and take advantage of amazing Earlybird offers. Luxury, space and views - they're all included.

view of the city with boats on the water

A magical day on board

This morning you awake more rested than you’ve felt in years, wrapped snuggly in lavish Egyptian cotton linen.

Your queen-size Scenic Slumber Bed has provided you with just the sleep you needed, and you find yourself eager to embrace new adventures and experiences. At the touch of a button you request your personal butler to pour your morning coffee, freshly brewed, while you take in the glorious vista.

Suddenly, the Scenic Tailormade App on your phone buzzes, and informs you that you’re outside the delightful Austrian town of Melk. It describes in vivid detail the charming scene unfolding before you. In fact, it’s almost as if you’re in a living museum, and the picturesque scene on the bank opposite is a real life exhibit.

Welcome to another wondeful day. Today, you have two Scenic Freechoice options.

Do you wish to explore the magnificent Baroque architecture of the Benedictine Abbey?

Or are you feeling energetic enough for a guided e-bike tour from Melk to Dürnstein, where you’ll get the chance to sample the region’s incredibly fresh apricots?

Either way, you can look forward to a unique and thoroughly involving experience while your Scenic Tailormade App keeps you informed on the multitude of seminal landmarks you pass along the way. 

As night falls on your Scenic Space-Ship you can look forward to a sumptuous meal. In fact, tonight is special because you’re dining in Portobellos, one of the ship’s premier dining venues, for an unforgettable five course Italian dining experience.

To top it off, your magnificent meal will feature a fine regional wine, specially selected for the occasion.

couple on bike standing in a city

Discovering countless treasures

The entire continent is at your feet. Our European River Cruises will lead you from one magical moment to another.

Wherever you find yourself, you'll be escorted through your exploration of all Europe’s greatest marvels. Not only will you benefit from the expertise of local guides, all Scenic Freechoice and Scenic Enrich activities are fully escorted. In addition, your Scenic Tailormade App gives you the best choices of destinations to explore. So you can make every day of your cruise as different and astonishing as the last.

Our e-bikes (electronically assisted bicycles) give you the freedom to get out and about. See even more of Europe without breaking a sweat.

Scenic Freechoice

These are hand-selected activities for you to choose from and enjoy at a pace that suits you. Which narrow cobblestone path through an ancient village will you choose to follow? Will you Shop with a Chef at a local market, or explore the home of a local artist?

You could visit the impressive Ehrenbretistein Fortress along the beautiful Rhine River, visit Melk Abbey or the world-renowned Spanish riding school.

With Scenic Freechoice, the option is yours, and dependant on your own interests and preferences. From history to culture, food to nature, there's something for everyone.

couple on bike standing on a hill

Scenic Enrich

These are experiences that offer once-in-a-lifetime multi-sensory moments that are completely inaccessible to the ordinary traveller. Enjoy a gourmet dinner in a castle, followed by a classical concert, or one of our exclusively created Scenic shows in Salzburg. Dine with a local family or listen in wonder as a master winemaker shares the secrets of their family vineyard.

You could take in an exclusive tour and private concert in the Palace of Rastatt on the Moselle River, experience the delightful medieval atmosphere at Marksburg Castle or be mesmerised by an enchanting private Viennese concert at Palais Liechtenstein. Whatever Enrich experience awaits you on our European River Cruises, you can look forward to an exclusive and enthralling event that you’ll cherish for years to come.

european city at night

Scenic Tailormade

Our Scenic Tailormade App guides you through your own personal excursion on shore, and offers absorbing commentary on major points of interest while you’re on board.

Map out the perfect route for a fanatical foodie’s walk, or spend an afternoon exploring ancient architectural treasures.

After cruising down the Seine River, disembark to discover the town of Vernon with Scenic Tailormade at your own pace.

You’ll find Scenic Tailormade invaluable and it always knows the story of where you are.

Scenic Tailormade App

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