Russian River Cruises

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Cruising beautiful Russia

Russia is a vast and endlessly fascinating wonderland just waiting to be explored. Experience the ultimate Russian river cruise on board Scenic Tsar - a boutique luxury vessel unique to the Scenic fleet.

This is your opportunity to travel the great Volga River in a manner befitting the tsars of old.

From grand Moscow, along the wide sandy banks of the Volga, to magnificent St. Petersburg, a Russian river cruise offers variety and splendour on a scale you won’t encounter anywhere else.

In this vast and impressive land, no two destinations are ever alike, and you’ll find that your experience can change utterly in the space of a moment.

Not only will you be escorted to all the must-see landmarks, a Russian river cruise will let you discover the wondrous hidden gems, not accessible to other travellers.

The wonders of a Russian river cruise

Shake hands with a cosmonaut, watch as ballerinas interpret their time-honoured art, tour the royal gardens of the palace of Catherine the Great, and view the towering spires of the Kremlin.

When you’re not out and about absorbing the marvels of the region, you can look forward to being ensconced in the luxury of a truly unique floating hotel, with world-class dining, arranged on-board events, and facilities that are quite simply in another class.

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All-inclusive luxury, in every sense

Not only can you look forward to inclusions you wouldn’t enjoy elsewhere, you can anticipate a level of luxury not available on other cruise ships in the region.
  • Luxuriously Appointed Suites
    Amongst the most spacious on Russia's rivers, our suites are embellished with luxury features and the finest amenities.
  • Balcony suites
    Our full-sized balconies in most suites and staterooms provide the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the view.
  • Scenic Freechoice
    Choose from a range of sightseeing activities that interest you most, from guided tours to museum and gallery visits - they’re all included.
  • Scenic Enrich
    Handpicked experiences, from lavish private shows in sumptuous surrounds to wonderful family meals prepared by gracious local hosts.
  • On board Dining Options
    Savour delicious dining options including Crystal Dining and Panorama Lounge & Bar. Enjoy everything we offer on board including a range of entertainment.
  • The Nth Degree
    We've thought about the details so you don't have to, from personal airport transfers, first-class transport and local guides. All tips and gratuities are included.
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Discovering countless treasures

Both joyful and dramatic, full of shadow and light, Russia has always been a land of contrasts.
You’ll soon learn to expect the unexpected when travelling through this vast and intriguing land. From fearless Russian circus performers in Moscow to the great silence that enshrouds the Kirillo-Belozersky monastery in Goritsy, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to discover its wonderful paradoxes for yourself.

The Imperial Wonders of Russia

The 15 Day Imperial Jewels of Russia river cruise will take you along the mighty Volga and charming Svir rivers, past timeless rural villages and impressive, bustling metropolises. A host of treasures awaits you.

Floating on beautiful Lake Onega cannot prepare you for the dazzling site of the Kizhi Island’s Church of the Transfiguration. Visit the citadel upon the shore at the Gold Ring city of Uglich.

Let the bold architecture of St Petersburg wash over you as you walk its canals at sunset. And be mesmerised by the sheer scale and grandeur of Moscow’s greatest landmarks.

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Scenic Freechoice Activities

Scenic Freechoice is a collection of exciting escorted activities for you to choose from, at whatever pace suits you.

Pick the adventures that appeal to your interests or energy levels.

You’ll find that your options over the course of your journey cover the full spectrum of activities, from enjoying a bit of Shashlik, a traditional meat delicacy, one day, to taking in a thousand years of history at the world-famous State Tretyakov gallery.

Whatever you choose to do, its likely to be a truly enthralling experience.

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Scenic Enrich Experiences

Scenic Enrich experiences provide you with special handcrafted moments, curated by Scenic, that are simply inaccessible to the ordinary traveller.

As varied as they are incredible, you can look forward to unique moments like meeting a cosmonaut and discovering some of the behind-the-scenes secrets of the space race.

Or you could spend time watching ballerinas perform the time-honoured craft that has been so integral to Russian culture down the centuries.

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A Magical Day On Board

Waking in your spacious suite on board Scenic Tsar, you step out onto your personal balcony to see the first rays of light strike St Petersburg.
For the moment you have the entire spectacular setting to yourself. Slowly, the city starts stirring, and you get to witness peerless St. Petersburg come to life. After a fine breakfast, you step ashore. This morning’s adventure takes you through the architectural marvel that is Catherine’s Palace, where you’ll get to wander the elaborate gardens and enjoy the marvellous landscaping first hand.

The day's wonder doesn't end there.

Later, you’ll join up with your new Scenic companions for a special lunch, arranged exclusively for you. The event is a Scenic Enrich experience, a specially moment, handcrafted for your benefit.

You’ll be seated in the old-world wooden ‘Podvorie’ restaurant and, as you savour traditional Russian cuisine, you’ll get to enjoy home-grown wine, produced by the owner himself.

In the evening you’ll be carried away to another exclusive Scenic Enrich event, this time to the glorious Palace of Prince Vladimir.

There, in a front row seat, glass in hand, you’ll get to enjoy an exclusive concert, where ballerinas dance for your enjoyment, accompanied by a magnificent live orchestra.

It’s the perfect finale to a great day, and tomorrow the wonder begins anew.

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