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Japan Highlights

Visit the land of the rising sun on this 12 day journey. From neon skylines to ancient castles you'll love experiencing Japan's culture from Tokyo to Osaka.

12 Day
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  • 2016/2017 Tokyo > Osaka

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    12 Days

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    Unquestionably Japan

    Is there anything as dazzling as the lights of downtown Tokyo, or as jaw-dropping as the Tokyo skyline? Is there anything as moving as a visit to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum? Or as elegant as getting up-close to a Geisha in full traditional dress?

    A journey that showcases the highlights of Japan, as this one does, provides a cross section of Japan’s ancient history, tradition and religious beliefs which still exist side by side with the industrial might and unique cultural quirks that characterise modern Japan. It can leave you marvelling at the resilience and discipline, the creativity and ingenuity of a people that have long been recognised as the pre-eminent innovators of the post-war industrial world. And it can leave you asking yourself just why you took so long to undertake such a wondrous and unforgettable journey.

  • 12 Day Itinerary

    • Day 1 - Tokyo

      This evening, enjoy a welcome reception and dinner at your hotel in Tokyo, a special stay for the next four nights. Your foray into a world of wonder begins here.

      Meals included: Dinner

    • Day 2 - Tokyo

      Today, cruise along Sumida River to Asakusa and explore Yananka, with its fascinating historic residential buildings. Afterwards, pay your respects at Sensoji, the city’s oldest Buddhist temple.
      Freechoice: Head to West Tokyo. Here you have a choice to either visit the Imperial Shinto Meiji Shrine, before strolling the architectural and high fashion showcase of Omotesando Walk and shopping in the Shibuya District, or relax in the picturesque Shinjuku-Gyoen Gardens before shopping in Shinjuku entertainment district.
      Tonight take in the bright lights of Tokyo during your evening dinner cruise on a yakatabune, an old fashioned houseboat, on Tokyo Bay.

      Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

    • Day 3 - Tokyo

      Start your day admiring the views from Tokyo Skytree before visiting the National Sumo Stadium and Museum in the Ryogoku District. Later, wander the peaceful and privately landscaped Hama-Rikyu Gardens where shogun once hunted.
      Freechoice Dining: Choose from Sorasio, a fusion French restaurant, or the Japanese Hibiki Restaurant.

      Meals included: Breakfast, Dinner

    • Day 4 - Tokyo > Five Lakes

      Venture deep into the countryside on the road to Hakone, where you can drink in stunning scenery from your cable car ride up to Owakudani. Afterwards, drive to Lake Ashinoko for a serene cruise on the water, with glorious Mt Fuji as your backdrop. Later, discover the incredible workmanship involved in creating kimonos at the Itchiku Kubota Art Museum while learning about their fascinating 300-year-old technique.

      Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

    • Day 5 - Tokyo > Kyoto

      Immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of the Tsukiji Fish Market where you’ll purchase fresh ingredients for your sushi lunch. Later, with the help of a local chef, prepare it yourself and enjoy it at your leisure.
      This afternoon you’ll travel by Shinkansen to the cultural wonder that is Kyoto, home to so many World Heritage-listed sites. This evening enjoy an elegant Kyomai dance performance in the Gion District. Relax for the next four nights at your hotel in Kyoto.

      Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

    • Day 6 - Kyoto

      Today, visit the Golden Pavilion, wander the classical Zen Garden at Ryoanji Temple and marvel at the architecture of Nijo Castle, a classic reminder of the power and prestige of the Edo based shogunate.
      Dressed in a traditional Japanese kimono you’ll learn about the Japanese tea ceremony with a bento box-style lunch. Enjoy.
      Enjoy some free time to prepare for tonight’s special treat.
      Tonight’s dinner will allow you to interact with a Maiko, an apprentice Geisha, who’ll help with your meal presentation. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn about what’s involved in becoming a Geisha.

      Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

    • Day 7 - Kyoto > Nara

      Enjoy an excursion to Nara, where you’ll visit Todaiji Temple, the largest wooden building in the world, and see deer in Nara Park. Stop at the Fushimi Inari Shrine, featured in the movie Memoirs of a Geisha, before indulging in some tasting and learning about the process of making sake at the sake museum.

      Meals included: Breakfast, Dinner

    • Day 8 - Kyoto > Hiroshima

      Have some free time to explore and soak up the atmosphere of the ancient preservation districts. Later board your Shinkansen to Hiroshima. Tonight, sample Okonomiyaki, a delicious Japanese-style pancake. Enjoy two restful nights at your hotel in Hiroshima.

      Meals included: Breakfast, Dinner

    • Day 9 - Hiroshima > Miyajima Island

      Travel by ferry across to Miyajima Island spending the morning exploring the island’s many shrines and temples. Visit the Daisho-in Temple and the floating sixth century Torii Gate at the Itsukushima Shrine. Later reflect deeply on the consequences of nuclear war at the Peace Park.

      Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch

    • Day 10 - Hiroshima > Osaka

      Travel by Shinkansen to Osaka and check in to your hotel for your two night stay. Witness the process of making beer at the Asahi factory before visiting the traditional home of the Toyotomi Clan, the Osaka Castle.
      Freechoice Dining: Choose from the Ganko Restaurant which offers great shabu-shabu (beef hotpot), or the Cosmopolitan, a gorgeous grill style restaurant overlooking the Osaka skyline.

      Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

    • Day 11 - Osaka

      Freechoice: Choose the Floating Garden Observatory with the Museums of History and Oriental Ceramics. Alternatively, walk the lively and eccentric downtown area of Osaka.
      Later, discover Tondabayashi Jinaimachi, a little known village that time forgot. You’ll get to wander around magnificent historical houses and buildings from the Edo period before enjoying a wonderful Kaiseki farewell dinner.

      Meals included: Breakfast, Dinner

    • Day 12 - Osaka

      Today say goodbye to the Land of the Rising Sun, but you’ll take many wonderful memories with you.

      Meals included: Breakfast