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Panama & Colombia Discovery

Discover the hidden gems of Panama and Colombia and sail through the famous Panama Canal on this 8 day cruise from Cartagena to Guayaquil.

8 Day
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$ 10,545
  • 2018 Cartagena > Guayaquil

    Great feats

    Transiting the Panama Canal, gazing on its ever-changing vistas from the luxurious comfort of your verandah suite on board Scenic Eclipse is just one of the many awe-inspiring experiences you’ll have during this discovery cruise along Central America’s coastline.

    Tropical, verdant and buzzing with wildlife, the jungles and islands of Panama and Colombia are breathtaking. Explore the unique marine and bird life and discover the coastlines by Zodiac, kayak and snorkelling. A highlight will be meeting the Embera and Kuna communities and the Afro-Colombian communities of Utría National Park.

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    8 Days

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  • 8 Day Itinerary

    • Day 1 - Cartagena

      Welcome to lively and colourful Cartagena where your journey into wonder begins with a warm greeting by the crew as you step on board Scenic Eclipse. Raise your glass this evening and toast the start of your cruise.  Please book flight to arrive by 12pm.

      Meals included: Dinner

    • Day 2 - San Blas Islands

      Spend the day relaxing in this beautiful archipelago, home to the Kuna people and surrounded by turquoise water and coral reefs swarming with marine life, pristine sandy beaches and coconut palms.


      Discovery excursions are available from snorkelling, paddling by kayak or riding the Zodiacs to relaxing on a pristine beach with a chef-prepared picnic.

      This is a perfect location to soar above in a helicopter, explore the coral reefs by submarine or even take a scuba dive^.

      Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

    • Day 3 - Panama Canal

      One of life’s great experiences is to transit the Panama Canal, one of the world’s key strategic artificial waterways. From Gatun Lake to the Pacific Ocean, the full day journey through the Isthmus of Panama is 77 kilometres long and will take you through three locks and see the ship descend 27 metres. You will enjoy this experience from any vantage point on board Scenic Eclipse; from one of the viewing decks to the privacy of your suite’s verandah, it is sure to be a special experience. Enjoy a bird’s eye view on a helicopter excursion^. 
      This evening explore the cobblestoned streets of Panama City’s World Heritage-listed Casco Viejo.

      Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

    • Day 4 - Darién National Park

      Darién National Park is one of the most important World Heritage-listed Sites in Central America and is only accessible by water on a small ship. A natural bridge spanning the two Americas, it houses a myriad of habitats, ranging from rocky coastlines to sandy beaches to mangroves and is one of the few remaining examples in the world of a protected area inhabited by humans. Hop in a Zodiac and venture up the Mogue River to find the Embera Indians who will take you into the heart of the jungle on their traditional boats. Spot some of the rare, endangered species endemic to the park including the Black-headed Spider Monkey, Capybara and American Crocodile. Soar over the jungle on a helicopter excursion^ for spectacular views.

      Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

    • Day 5 - Utría National Park

      A spectacular day of discovery awaits at this remote national park on the Pacific Coast of Colombia. This protected area forms a unique connection between the humid tropical rainforest and the ocean swarming with marine life including migrating humpback whales.


      Choose to paddle in a kayak or jump in the Zodiacs to explore the coastal environs. Alternatively take a trek through the virgin rainforest or an easy walk along the raised wooden pathways through the mangrove swamps. You can choose to relax on the beach with a chef-prepared picnic and swim or snorkel in the calm waters of the bay.

      Take the opportunity to soar over the jungle in a helicopter or see marine life from the submarine^. Experienced divers will relish the chance to explore by scuba^.


      Witness the proud Afro-Pacific musical and dance heritage of the local El Valle residents in a private concert on the beach.

      Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

    • Day 6 - Isla Gorgona

      Lying off the coast of Colombia, this tiny atoll has transformed itself from an island prison to a wildlife sanctuary. Onshore you will discover monkeys, caimans, the colourful blue-footed booby and magnificent frigate bird and the endemic anole, the world’s only pure blue lizard. The deep blue waters around the island host an abundance of marine life.


      Take a walk across the island discovering the fauna and flora or walk to Yundigua beach and snorkel in search of marine life. You can choose a Zodiac and snorkelling adventure in the deeper water offshore or kayak the coastline and bays of this small island.

      Helicopter, submarine and scuba excursions available^.

      Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

    • Day 7 - At sea

      Relax on board your floating resort and perhaps indulge in a leisurely breakfast served on your private verandah by your butler.

      Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

    • Day 8 - Guayaquil

      Your leisurely cruise of the biodiverse coastlines and islands of Central America ends as you disembark after breakfast taking away memories of a truly unforgettable cruise. Please book flight to depart after 3pm.

      ^ At additional expense

      Meals included: Breakfast

  • Tour inclusions

    All-inclusive highlights
    • 228-guest luxurious Discovery Yacht
    • 100% spacious verandah suites
    • An exclusive Enrich experience in Utría National Park
    • 13 Freechoice shore excursions in three ports
    • Discovery Leaders on board
    • Broad range of active discovery excursions
    • Explore World Heritage-listed Darién National Park
    • Transit the Panama Canal in daylight hours
    • Explore by night at your leisure in Panama City
    • And all tipping and gratuities both on board and onshore