The Great Wall of China

great wall of china

Discover the Great Wall of China

Visit one of the seven wonders of the world on a unique luxury tour.

Built over a period of 2,000 years from the 6th century BC, the Wall it is a true marvel of human engineering and efforts. The Great Wall runs 8,851.8 kilometres through grasslands, plateaus, deserts and mountains transversing from the East to West of China.

The Wall is one of the most fascinating pieces of architecture in the world, as it initially was built by different states in China before being united under Emperor Qin to protect the country from invaders from the north.

Construction was undertaken by soldiers, prisoners and common people using a range of materials including wood, grass, stone, earth and bricks. Unfortunately the mortality rate was high among the workers due to exhaustion, malnutrition and tough weather. It is estimated that for every metre of the Wall, one worker perished.

It was completed in the 17th century and has been placed on the World Heritage List as a symbolic milestone of the culture and history of China.

On your luxury tour of China, visit the Great Wall at Mutianyu.

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